A Girls Eye Is Faster den Google,
in Serchin A Handsome Boy In A Crowd..

But A Boys Heart Is Slower den Turtle in Forgetting a Girl Whom he Loved..

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last night while lying on my bed
Looking at the ceiling
I realized I realized
If you would not be there, I would lost all the joys of my life"
If The Moon Never Come Out


The Stars Did Not Shine

It Would Be One Lonely World ...

Just As Would The Heart & Soul Without Love ... (:
It Is Easy To Say How We Love New Friends,

And What We Think Of Them, But Words Can

Never Trace Out All The Fibers That Knit Us To The Old.
A sMiLe tO pUt You On HiGh... A KisS To Set YoUr SouL ALriGhT... WouLd iT bE aLriGhT iF I spEnT ToNiTe BeiNg LovED bY YoU???
You Know It’s LOVE

When All You Want

Is That Person To Be Happy

Even If You’re Not

Part Of Their Happiness . . .
ussay apni zaat ki fikar thi wo jo mera wakif e haal tha
woh jo us ki subhe urooj thi woh mera waqt e zawal tha
mera dard woh kaisay janta meri baat woh kaisay manta
woh to khud fanna k safar main tha usay rokna bhi mohal tha
kahan jao gay mjhay chor kar main yeh poch poch k thak gaya
woh jawab mujh ko na de saka woh to khud sarapa sawal tha
woh mila to saddiyon baad bhi mera lab per koi gila na tha
ussay meri chup ne rula dia jisay guftugu main kamal tha
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1. Muhabat aankh se nhi dil se dekhti hai.

2. Jo bar bar muhabat karty hen wo muhabat karna nhi jante.
(Tulsi das)

3. Muhabat wo khel he jis me aqal har jati hai.
(Maso leni)

4. Dil ki hazar ankhen hoti hen magar wo mehboob ke ayeeb ko nhi dekh sakti.
When Love Is Lost,
Don''t Bow Ur Head In
Instead Keep Ur Head
Up High
Faze @ The Stars,
For That''s Where
Ur Broken Heart
Has been Sent To
Heal ... (:
My soul is on fire, peace is no way near, my heart is broken and restless, my eyes all red with tears,
my body acheing with pain, sleep turned into nightmare, i think this is the end for me or s it the starting of love. . . ? ? ?
The Sweetest Words Ever Said By A Lover To His Love :

"I Am Jealous Of The Ppl You Ever Hugged


For A Moment They Held My World . . ."
The Sweetest Way 2 Propose

"Excuse Me ,

Do You Have

A Band Aid

B''coz I Hurt My

Knee When I

Fell In Love With U "
Even a Lie is Gud if its Spoken out of Luv..

Truth is Bad if its Spoken just 2 Hurt..

Its alwaz Better 2 Show Luv dan 2 Hurt

So Keep Lying

N Keep Loving..