A Girls Eye Is Faster den Google,
in Serchin A Handsome Boy In A Crowd..

But A Boys Heart Is Slower den Turtle in Forgetting a Girl Whom he Loved..

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I have liked many but loved very few.yet no-one has been as sweet
as u.I"d stand and wait in the worlds longest queue.just for the
pleasure of a moment with u
The Greatest Mistake In Love Is Trying To Possess It
It’ll Spill Out OF Hand Just Like Water
Love Will Retrive From You If You Demand, If You Expect
Love Is Meant To Be Free, You Cannot Change Its Nature
If There Are People You Love, Allow Then To Be Free Beings.
Give, But Don’t Expect.
Advice, But Don’t Order
Ask, Never Demand . . .
If U Trust Sum1,

Trust Till The End;

Whatever The Results May Be"

In The End Either U'll Have A Very

Good Relation

Or A Very Good Lesson........
zindagi ka raaz - raaz rehne dijiye

jo bhi aitraaz - aitraaz rehne dijiye

par jab yeh dil - dil se milna chahe

yaar yeh mat kehna ke aaj rehne dijiye.
What Is Love. . .
It''s A Blind Devotion, Unquestioned Self-Humiliatio,
Utter Submission, Trust And Beleif Against Yoursel
Against The Whole WorldGiving Up Your Whole Heart And Soul To The Smiter. . .

itz d perfect tym for both of ud 2 b 2gether wid each other for hourz n hourz.. quitly celebrating d tym we have spent in d shelter of luv care n affection n hand in hand strengthning our bond forver n ever.. ..
I have liked many but loved very few.yet no-one has been as sweet as u.I''d stand and wait in the worlds longest queue just for the pleasure of a moment with u.
'''' Why Do I Love You ???


You Are
Always Have Been
My DREAM ... '''' (:

If You Fall In Love,
Send Words
I Will Come
If I Am Alive
If I Am Not
I Will Come Through
Your Tears,
Through Your Feelings
Through Your Dreams
U know who is the best couple in the world??

Smile and tears..

Rarely they are seen 2gether,

but when they are together its the best moment of the life..
Jab kabhi mosmoon main khushbu bikhar jaye,

jab kabhi chandni main raat nikhar jaye,

jab kabhi bewaja hi dharkan machal jaye,

tou samajhna kay

hum ney aap ko !!!!!!!!!

yaad kiya hai......

I love u so much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


kase ho

kia hall hain

kia ho raha hai

aray yar main khu

idher widher ke batin kar raha ho

seda sa

bola bhi nhe jata

I love uuuUUUU..HAHHA