love is like tug

love is like tug
love is like tug-of-war
it hurts so bad to hang on
but for some reason you just cant let go.

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Meri zindagi teri panaho me rahe
Mar bhi jay to teri baaho me rahe
Teri labo pe rahe meri muskurahat
aur tere aansu meri nigaho me rahen
SomeTimes . . .
I Wanna Cry . . . But When I Remember
All Good Moments That
I Had By Your Side. . .
I Feel Better . . .
This Remind Me That You’ve Changed My Whole Life
Life spent with someone for a lifetime may be meaningless,
But a few moments spent with someone who really loves U,
Means more than a life itself!
True Lovers
Are Like Upper & Lower Eyelids!

They Often Meet
Because They Miss Each Other
When They Meet,
They Don't See The World Around...!!

There''s a love that only u can give,
A smile that only your lips can show,
A twinkle that can only be seen in your eyes,
& a life of mine that u alone can complete
If "U" loVe someone, be sUre 2 teLl thEm eveRy daY;
becaUse oNe Day "U" migHt nOt bE abLe 2 telL thEm becAuse iT was toO laTe anD thEy arE no lonGer theRe..
Forever Means Forever... And Not Just A Couple Of Days... You Promised Me Forever... But Forever Didn''t Stay... Once You Said You Loved Me, But I Guess That Was A Lie... Never Say Forever... Cause Forever Makes Me Cry.
L () \/ E

Is A Pathway Of Many
Colors N Dead Ends.

But When

The Right Path Is
The Sights Are Amazing. . . ?
Missing some1 gets easier everyday
because even though you are one day further
from the last time you saw them
you are one day closer to the next time you will

"If You Are Happy You Will Remember
The Person Whom U Love "

"If You Are Sad You Will Remember
The Person Who Loves U"
mujh sey dur hone k baad
yaad aon ga main

har khushi rooth jane k baad
yaad aon ga main

apnu k rooth janey k baad
yaad aon ga main

moosam badalney k baad
yaad aon ga main

ab mujh sey saha nai jata
zindagi sey rooth janey k baad
yaad aon ga main
Dnt go 4 luks,dey cn deceive.

Dnt go 4 wealth,in d end it fades away.

Go 4 sum1 who makes u smile bcoz

it takes only a smile 2 make a dark day seem bright