love is like tug

love is like tug
love is like tug-of-war
it hurts so bad to hang on
but for some reason you just cant let go.

Jun, 12 2010     95 chars (1 sms)     641 views       Love

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Luvin Sumone Hu Dusnt Luv U Is Lyk...
Watching A Star In D Sky
U Kno U Can Neva Reach It
Bt U Syill Keep On Tryin
Coz Even D Starz Do Fall Ryt???
Dhala din..
Fir wahi shaam hogi..
Askh honge, yaadein hongi,
Zindgi...,Fir gum k pyalo k naam hongi.
Hasrato ki mehfil....
Uhi viraan hongi.
Har daag, daag nahi hota...
har dost wafadar nahi hota...
yeh to dil milne ki baat hai...
varna 7 feero mei...
pyar nahi hota!
On a dark and moonless night

I sit and close my eyes, imagine

your face, your touch, your kiss,

and when I open my eyes, I see sparkling

and glittering stars around me .

How lucky I am to have you, my love!

I do not need any light to see

as you are my light.

I Love You.
A Luvly Saying By Shakespare

Doubt The Stars r Fire

Doubt The Sun Dont Move

Doubt Truth To Be A Liar

But Never Doubt Love

"Love Is Utter Submission"
If u love me..
Show me its depth..
If u hate me..
Show me its height..
If u cry for me..
Sink me in the depth of ur eyes..
If u live for me..
Take me in ur arms..forever
..If u Can..
And Our Feelings Just Aren''t Feelings Anymore.

They''re Just Words That

Come From Whispers

From People We Don''t Know.
December Kay Mahinay Ka Woh Shaid Akhri Din Tha
Baras Guzray Kayen
Main Nay “Mohabat” Lafz Likha Tha
Kisi Kagaz Kay Tukray Per!
Achanak Yaad Aya Hay
Baras Guzray Kayen
Muj Ko Kisi Say Bat Kerni Thi
Usay Kehna Tha
Jaan-Nay Jaan! “Mujay Tum Say Mohabat Hay”
Magar Main Keh Nahi Paya
Woh Kagaz Ag Tak Lipta Para Hay Dhool Main Lakain
Kisi Ko Day Nahi Paya
Dobara Cha Ker Bhi Main Mohabat Ker Nahi Paya
Roses are waiting for hours,
need one touch of yours.
my life is like a rose,
need one love dose.
flowers grows with love & sunshine,
& i''ll live till you remain mine.
Ur precious love has turned my life completely around,

I feel lik Im walking but my feet
don''t seem to touch the ground!
Love Is Like

Sun Coming Out Of The Clouds


Warming you Soul ... =)
Hum Say Kabhi Zikr Judai Math Karna, Ess Dil Ki Kabhi Ruswai Math Karna,"Tum Jan Ho Meri" Bus Etna Samjh Lo, Mery Enn Lafzoo Ko Nailaam Math Karna. IFFI