hamne apni sanso

hamne apni sanso
hamne apni sanso par unka naam likh liya,
nahi jante the ki hamne kuchh galat kiya,
wo pyaar ka vada hamse karke mukar gaye,
khair unki bewafai se kuchh to sabak liya......

Jun, 12 2010     176 chars (2 sms)     631 views       Love

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Love Is No Secret
Express What You
Have Inside
If The Both Of You
You Will Realize A
New Thing You Know
You Are In Love ... :)
Rangat teri zulfo ki ghatao ne churai
Khusboo tere anchal se hawao ne udai
Paimane ka dil na tut jaye to kahu main
Hai cheez gazab ki jo nigaho ne pilai
Jab Koi Kalaam Kisi K Dil Mein utar Jaata Hai
Sach Kehta Hoon Likhne Wale Ka josh Nikhar Jaata Hai
Lagta Hai Kuchh To Hai Maayne Dil K Ehsaason K
Har Alfaaz Kagaz Par Khud Sawar Jaata Hai
I m feeling so happy, do u know why?
cuz i m so lucky, do u know how?
cuz God loves me.Do u know how?
cuz he gave me a gift. Do u know what?
its YOU my love
Love isn''t love until you give it away,

so give it wings and let it go,

if it''s meant to be it will fly right back to you!
Everything In Life Cant Make You Happy..
Everything In A Day Cant Make You Satisfied
But Therez One Thing Which Makes You Feel
Thats Love For You In Someone''s Eyes .. !!
Haqiqat ho tum kese tumhay sapna kahu,
Qurban hai meri jaan tujh par
kise tere siwa mein apna kahu
There are three kinds of love:

Love takes a few days to get over.

Big love takes a few months.

And Great love well it changes your life ... *
Perfect Love Is Not Receiving
It''s Giving & Frgiving
Perfect Love Isn''t Red Roses On Valentine''s Day
It''s The Rest Of 364 Days Of Knowing U Love Someone
Perfect Love Is Nt Phone Calls & Stolen Kisses
It''s The Silent Smile In The Memory Of Ur Sweet Heart
Perfect Love Is Not A Grand wedding But Spending A Life Time Together
Perfect Love Is Not The First Kiss & Make-up
Its Loving The ONE Who Annoys The Hell Out You . . .
aa jaye kisi din tu aisa bhe nahin lagta
lekan woh tera wada jhoota bhe nahin lagta
milta hy sakoon dil ko us yaar k koochay main
har roz magar jana acha bhe nahin lagta
dekha hy tujhy jab se bechain bhut hy dil
kahny ko koi tujh se rishta bhe nhi lagta
Chale gaye ho dur kuch pal ke liye,
dur rehkar bhi karib ho har pal ke liye,
kaise yaad na aaye apki ek pal ke liye,
jab Dil me ho tum har pal ke liye..
U May Be BuSy,
U May Be Engaged
With Lots Of Works.
U Have 1440 min Per day.
Atleast For 1 min
Think That A Frnd
Is Waiting For Ur Message