Another month

Another month
Another month ..
Another year ..
Another smile ..
Another tear ..
Another winter ..
Another summer too ..
But there will be never another YOU ..

Jun, 12 2010     150 chars (1 sms)     719 views       Love

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Taskeen-e-dil ky Wasty Wada to Kijaye'

Hamin Pata Hai Apsy Ayea na jaye Ga.
A Funny Thought
About Love

"L O V E"

Is Like The

"M E A S L E S"

We All Have To

Go Through It ... :)
Zamane bhar ki baton mei hame bhula na dena
jab kabhi yaad aaye to zara muskura dena
zinda rahe to milenge dost
nahi to har diwali mere naam ka diya jala dena
What Is Love. . .
It''s A Blind Devotion, Unquestioned Self-Humiliatio,
Utter Submission, Trust And Beleif Against Yoursel
Against The Whole WorldGiving Up Your Whole Heart And Soul To The Smiter. . .
Love is like a bed of roses, there are many thorns. The path to true happiness lies in learning to avoid the thorns, while enjoying the roses.
Everytime I look into your eyes, I fall in love again. I know that I''ve only known you for less than a tenth of my life, but I feel like I''ve known you since the dawn of time.

I''m never tire of looking at your pictures, reading your letters that you''ve written to me. All of these things keep me so happy and feeling so blessed that I have truly found the one person that I want to spend eternity with. You are the only person on earth that has ever been able to calm me down when I get worked up. Talking to you makes my day great.
love is a divine feeling....
But when u lost luv u r lost...
love is the strongest untagible thing..
A weapon that makes u strong n can hurt more than a bullet
Love To Fault Is Alwayz Blind

Always Is To Joy Inclined

Lawless, Winged And Unconfined

And Breaks All Chains From Minds

... Shakespare ...
*? Because I Love You ?*

I give you whole of my Love
Because I want that
Your heart is full of Love
I give you whole of my strength
Because I want that
You go on the height of your proud
I give you whole of favors
Because I want that
You perform every work smoothly
I give you whole of my time
Because I want that
You don’t think you are alone
Because I Love you a lot.
Tujhay kia khabar teri yaad
Nay humein kaisay kaisay sata dia
Kabhi khalwaton mein hansa dia
Kabhi mehfilon mein rula dia
Teray ishq mein kabhi yun huwa
K namaz apni qaza hui
teri aarzoo ne kabhi mujhe meray pak rab se mila dia
Koi tumse puche kon hoon main
Tum keh dena koi khaas nahi
Ek dost hai kacha paka sa
Ek jhoot hai aadha sacha sa
Ek khuwab adhoora poora sa
...Ek phooL hai rookha sookha sa
Ek sapna hai bin socha sa
Ek apna hai an dekha sa
Ek rishta hai an jana sa
Haqiqat men afsana sa
Kuch pagaL sa deewana sa
Bas ek bahana achha sa
Jeevan ka aisa sathi hai
Jo door ho k bhi paas nhi
Koi Tumse puche kon hoon main?
Tum keh dena koi khaas Nahi.
Umeed-e-wafa na rakh un logo se…
Jo miltay hain kisi se..
Hotay hain kisi k