Another month

Another month
Another month ..
Another year ..
Another smile ..
Another tear ..
Another winter ..
Another summer too ..
But there will be never another YOU ..

Jun, 12 2010     150 chars (1 sms)     802 views       Love

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Zamane bhar ki baton mei hame bhula na dena
jab kabhi yaad aaye to zara muskura dena
zinda rahe to milenge dost
nahi to har diwali mere naam ka diya jala dena
Love is last stage of friendship,

its watered wid understanding,

which is d 1st stage of success!
Love isn''t love
Until you give it away
Don''t save it for good times
Or for a rainy day

Show forth love
Each moment you live
Love is not something you keep
But something you give

Somebody needs a hug right now
So don''t put off or delay
Tell them that you love them
Because tomorrow might be too late
Im selfish, impatient and a little insecure.
I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle.
But if you cant handle me at my worst,
then you sure as hell dont deserve me at my best.
I''m so tired but I can''t sleep. . .
Standing on the edge of something much deep. . .
Its funny how we feel so much but cant say a word. . .
We are screaming inside but can’t be heard. . .
I Was So Much Lost In Love ,

When I Realized I Found That I Have Lost My Precious Time To Get Something Which Was Neither Mine Nor Matters To My Life
Ek pal ki ye baat nahi,
do pal ka ye sath nahi,
waise to zindgi ek safar si ban gai hai mere liye,
par wo safar hi kya jisme apka sath nahi.
If you have reasons for loving someone,
Then you are using your mind,
But if you love someone for no reason
Then you are using your heart,
And that is TRUE LOVE…

Ppl Say Th8
Never Expect Anything
4m Others
The Fact Is
When V Rilli Like Some1
V Do Expect Something
4m Them
"A Little Care From
Heart" :)
pahonch hai humari chand tak,ye taare bhi salam kiya karte hai ,ye aasma bhi jhuk jata hai....jab hum aapko yaad kiya karte hain.
''CRY'' Is A Love Detecter.

When Sum1 Makes You Cry It Shows

That How Much You Love Them

And If Someone Crys

For You It Shows Their Love For You
Road has speed
Bank has money
Exam has Time
Building has hight
But my love has
NO limit :-)