Another month

Another month
Another month ..
Another year ..
Another smile ..
Another tear ..
Another winter ..
Another summer too ..
But there will be never another YOU ..

Jun, 12 2010     150 chars (1 sms)     699 views       Love

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Sabub Judai Ka Kuch To Batao Mujhay
Phir Chahay Dil-O-Jaan Say Satao Mujhay
Chalo Ye Mana K Fursat Nahe Tumhay
Magar Ye Lazim To Nahe K Bhool He Jao Mujhay
What I Enjoy Is Your Company, Being Near You, Being Togather.

What I Need Is Time With You, Show Me You Care, Let Me Care For You, Let Me Know I''m Important To you.

I''ll Be Sure You Know How Important You Are To me, All I Need Is You , You To Love me , As I Love U
In L () \/ E

I am Amazed

How One Person

Can Trigger

A Million Thoughts

In Your Head . . . ? [=
Haqiqat Jan Kar Aise Hamaqat Kon Karta Hy,
Bhala Be Faiz Logon Se Mohabat Kon Karta Hy,
Batao Jis Tijarat Men Khasara He Khasara Ho
Bina Sochey Khasarey Ki Tijarat Kon Karta Hy,
Hamen He Ghalt Fehmi Thi Kisi K Wastey Warna,
Zamaney K Rewajon Se Baghawat Kon Karta Hy,
Khuda Ne Sabr Karne Ki Mujhey Taufeeq Bakhshi Hy,
Array G Bhar K Tarpao Shikayt Kon Karta Hy,
Kisi K Dil K Zakhmon Par Marhm Rakhna Zaruri Hy,
Magr Is Dor Me MOHSIN Ye Zehmat Kon Krta Hy
My heart, it speaks a thousand words
I feel eternal bliss
The roses pout their scarlet mouths
Like offering a kiss
No drop of rain, no glowing flame
Has ever been so pure
If being in love can feel like this
Then I''m in love for sure

-!- lOve nEveR diEs -!-
Boy- Do you love me?
Girl-Yes !!
Boy-Prove it!
Boy-Jump down from the roof..
She walked up to the edge and said with a smile
Girl- Push me!
Can I say I love you today? If not, can I ask you again tomorrow? And the day after tomorrow? And the day after that? Coz I''ll be loving you every single day of my life. :)
b careful when u give ur '' HEART '' to some 1 ,
bcoz when u give ur heart to some 1 ,
u r not only giving that person ,the right to '' LOVE '' U ,
but also a power to '' HURT '' U .
Cutest proposal ever by a boy :

"Do u hug ur teddy bear while sleeping at night?

Girl-" Yes "

Boy-Can i replace it for the rest of ur life? (-:
Ek bewafa ko na aya humari wafa ka YAKEEN
Hum ne kaha hum mar jayein gay aur uss ne kaha AMEEN
1 bat bataon raaz ki?kro us larki se ishq.Jis k chehre pe ho sadgi.Sanso mei ho tazgi Chandni ho chand ki,Rani ho rat ki Khushbu ho gulab ki.Baten kre pyar ki. Nazuk ho mizaj ki. Ache ho ikhlaq ki, paband ho namaz ki. khidmat kre maa bap ki. aur kahey main hon sirf aap ki
He who is in love
is wise and is becoming wiser,
sees newly every time he
looks at the object beloved,
drawing from it with his eyes
and his mind those virtues
which it possesses.