Sweet Morning

Sweet Morning
U r nice, so Nice Morning.

U r Sweet, so Sweet Morning.

U r Loving, so Lovely Morning

U r Good, so Good Morning.

Sep, 10 2014     116 chars (1 sms)     433 views       Good Morning

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Wbasta ha meri zindagi ka har lamha jis jis se


Unko apni rehmat se saada shaad or abaad rakhna


Good Morning
These Are Just
18 Letters
They Mean So Much
Warmly Sent
just To
Keep In Touch

"T a k e
C a r e
O f
Y o u r s e l f"

Good Morning ... (:
Lyf is lyk a Bicycle,
d moment V stop pedaling,
V start losing momentum.
If V coast for too long,
V fall Resolve 2 press on inspite of all Ur distractions
Gud a.m
When You Speak From Your Heart

And Say The Words Your Soul Has Only

Dared To Whisper,

That''s When Miracles Happen !!

So, Believe In Yourself

Good Morning
Appreciate life itself even if

it''s not a bed of roses.

Contentment is not fulfillment

of what u wish 4

but appreciation of what u have.

Gud Mrng!
Every Evening I Turn My

Worries Over To God.

He''s Going To Be

Up All Night Anyway.

If I get ur smile, I don"t need flowers, If I get ur voice,
I don"t need music, If u speak to me I don"t any body else,
If ur with me I don"t need the world. luv you, Good Morning
Whenever I look at my palm,i wonder which of those tiny cute
cris cross lines made me so lucky two meet a sweet person
like U Good Morning...
De smile is like simcard & life is like cell phone,wen u insert
de simcard of a smile a beautiful day is activated.keep
smiling ...gud morning
As far as u think ''NOT NOW'', Succes becomes ''NEVER''... But as soon as u think ''WHY NOT NOW'', Success surely will become ''YOURS'' ...!
Good Morning..!
Good Day.!
Sun glows for a day,
Candle for an hour,
Matchstick for a minute,
But a good day can glow forever,
So start ur day with a smile.Gud Day

WrApPeD iN

RiBbOnS oF tHoUgHtFuLnEsS

& TrImMeD wItH

KisSeSs & sMiLeS


tO sTaY nOt JusT fOr A DaY


FoR a LiFe tImE ... =)

GuD mOrNiNg