Life is mirror

Life is mirror
Life is mirror,
Whatever u do it,
It will reflect back to you,
So keep smiling for a smile of lifetime..

Sep, 25 2014     118 chars (1 sms)     408 views       Good Morning

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The sun had rised from the east & birds r singing happily &
butterflies R around the flowers. It is time to wake up &
give a big yawning & say gd morning to u..
When u find a DREAM
inside ur HEART...
don''t ever let it go...
Coz dreams r the tiny seeds
frm which beautiful

Have a dreamful day!

good morning !!!
Silence Is The Best way To Keep Away Problems.Smile Is A
powerful Tool To avoid Many Problems So Hav A silent Smile
Life is raw material.. We
r artisans.. We can
sculpt our existence
into something
beautiful or debase it
into ugliness.. It''s in
our hands ...

GoOd A.M (:
Bade arman se banwaya hai,

Ise roshni se sajaya hai.

Bahut dur se mangwaya hai,

Zara khidki khol k dekho

aapko good morning kahne

suraj bhijwaya hai
Just 3 Steps to end your tensions: Ctrl+Alt+Del. Control yourself, Look for alternate solution and Delete the situation that caused tension!

Good Morning!
Lonely no, how can I be lonely when you are always in my
thoughts. I wake up with you and go to sleep with you.
I love you.
P e o p l e
D o n '' t
N o t i c e
W h e t h e r
I t '' s
o r
W h e n
T h e y
A r e
H a p p y ...

G o_O d
M o R n I n G (=
There are hundreds of languages in the world but a smile speaks them all. And the best smile is the one which shines through troubles

goood morning!!!

Keep Smiling.... :)
Murawat Hi Sahi Par Ek Bat To Dil se Batao.

Waqai Masrof ho Ya Bhulana Chahty ho...!

Good Morningz....
Cheerful people are like Sunlight.They shine in to the corners
of the heart & offer bright mornings & fresh hopes....
**Good Morning** to one such person...
I Went To Sleep Last Night Wid A Smile

CozI Knew I''d B Dreaming Of U

ButI Woke Up This Morning Wid A Smile

CozU Weren''t A Dream

GoOd MoRn!nG .