Life is mirror

Life is mirror
Life is mirror,
Whatever u do it,
It will reflect back to you,
So keep smiling for a smile of lifetime..

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V r nt strong n powerful evryday
th8 V weep if need b
2 feel d luv n blosoming of a flower th8 was 1nce a seed
& yes reborn
if need b

Good a.m (=
1 Sahabi RA Ne Hazrat Muhammad SAWW Se Araz Kia , Mujhe Zindgi Ko Purskoon Aur Khobsurt Bnanay Ka Koi 1 Treeqa Ata Farmain . ap SAWW Ne Frmaya , Ghussa Na Kia Kro Asalam o alaikum! Gud morng n have a blessed day!
Open ur eyes! So the SUN can rise,Flowers can blossom....
Birds can sing,Bcoz all are waiting to see ur
*B*E*A*U*T*I*F*U*L* @S@M@I@L@E@ Good Morning.....
FoRgEt ThE sOrRoWz
LiKe NeW sUn ShInE,
aLwAyZ fEeL gOoD aBoUt
YoUrSeLf No Ma88eR
wHaT sIzE yOu ArE .. !!

G o_O d

HaVe A LoVe fIlLeD dAy (:
There are two things that makes me wake up in the morning;
you and my alarm clork.Good Morning
A Master Humourist Is One Who Makes People Laugh At His Own Expences . . .

Try To Become Humourist Of Your Surrounder. . .

G o_o d
Morning [=
Remember You Won''t
Always Win.
Some Days, The Most Resourceful
Individual Will Taste Defeat.
There Is, In This Case,
Always Tomorrow
After You Have Done Your Best To
Achieve Success Today ...

Gud Morning ... =)
Sending 24 Smiles,
1 4 each EaCh HoUr oF a dAy
2 MaKe SuRe u R aLwAyZ sMilinng...
Good Morning and hAv a gReAt dAy....
Bill Gates ...

"Every Morning Get Up
An Look Through The
List Of The Richest People
In The World. If Your Name
Is Not There Please Go To Work .. "

gOod MoRnIn
Gud Morning. . . .

The rising sun
age old
yet new and inspiring
lighting up the world
with its soft pink rays;
just watching the familiar hues
dance on the still water
I return to emotions
that never truly left.
Just as the sun sets
it rises again
wide arms embracing a new day.
As the sun kisses u awake,

did u hear God whisper,

"I love u" 2 ur ear?

Hope the noise of d day

wont drown His voice

as He repeats these words 2 u all day.

Without Tasting The
Worst Situation,
No One Can Taste
The Best Thing Of Life ..

Dare To Face Anything in
Your Mysterious Life

G o.0 d
M o R n I n G =)