I Have A Special Breakfast

I Have A Special Breakfast
I Have A Special Breakfast For You:
A Glass Of CARE,
A Plate Of LOVE,
A Spoon Of PEACE,
A Fork Of TRUST And A
Good Morning…

Sep, 25 2014     140 chars (1 sms)     712 views       Good Morning

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Never think of the past it bring you tears... if u think of
the future it brings fears.. so live in the present & have
fun.... Good Morning
With Atomic And Meteoric Regards

My Volcanic Impulse Trembles Every Time

I Greet A Person With A Magnitude Of

Character And Charm Like You

Good Morning ... :)
I Went To Sleep Last Night Wid A Smile

CozI Knew I''d B Dreaming Of U

ButI Woke Up This Morning Wid A Smile

CozU Weren''t A Dream

GoOd MoRn!nG .
Those who joyfully leave everything in God"s hand will
eventually see God"s hand in everything. Worries end
where faith begins. Gud Day
.:???:. , , .:???:.
":????:.?.:?? ??:"

Dekh lo, Aap k Paas Butterfly aayi hai, kyunki isko "FOOL"bahut pasand hai..

GooD MorningG

Ne Off Ki


Ne Shuru Ki Shining,


Ne Di Hy Warning,

K Ho Gai Hy "Morning"
Me B Bol Dun Apko

Good Morning ... =)
Moon ne band ki lighting, Sun ne suru ki Shining. Murge ne di Warning, Ki ho gayi hai Morning, Toh phir hum bhi bol de GOOD MORNING
V r nt strong n powerful evryday
th8 V weep if need b
2 feel d luv n blosoming of a flower th8 was 1nce a seed
& yes reborn
if need b

Good a.m (=
All Morning Are Like Paintings

U Need A Little Inspiration To Get U Going

A Little Smile To Brighten It


A Msg Frm Someone Who Cares To Color Ur Day

Gud A.m ... :->
One of the joys in life is waking up each day with thoughts
that somewhere, Someone cares enough to send a warm morning
greeting! Good morning and enjoy the day!
Cheerful people are like Sunlight. They shine in to the corners of
the heart & offer bright mornings & fresh hopes. Gud Morning to one
such person.
Every Morning The Sun Dawns.

U''ve An Opportunity To Do SumThing, SumThing Kind, SumThing New,

SumThing Exiting, SumThing Worth Living For. & EveryDay That The Evening Sun Sets.

It''ll Take A Part Of Ur Life Wid It. . .

So Don''t Just Go Through The Motions & Always Remember To Smell The Roses..!