There is only one difference

There is only one difference
There is only one difference between Dream and Aim.

Dream requires effortless sleep

Whereas Aim Requires Sleepless effort.

Keep trying to overcome inner beast which stops u offering ur prayers.

Good Morining have a nice good day :)

Sep, 25 2014     236 chars (2 sms)     778 views       Good Morning

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A day may start or end without a message from me,
but believe me it won"t start or end without me thinking of u...
Gud Morning!
When nights r long & friends r few,I sit by my window &
think of u,A silent whisper a silent tear,With all my heart
i wish you were here.
Wherever You Go,
No Matter What The Weather,
Always Bring Your Own Sunshine... (:

G o_O d
/\/\ o R n I n G

Have A Lovely
S U N D A Y (-.=)
The smile is like a simcard and life is like a Cellphone,
whenever you insert the Simcard of a smile a beautiful day
is activated...
Blue be the sky above you,
Soft be the road below you,
Affection be the breeze around you,
I pray all the happiness surrounds you.
Good Morning.
She is hot !
She is sweet !
She always Needs A lip 4 kiss
Whole world is Mad 4 her !
Who ? Who is she ?
Do you know ?


Chai piyo Mast jio … Good morning !!!

Wheen I pray I Don"t C God But I Know He Listen When I Sms
I Don"t C U But I Know U Read My Messages With A smile
"Good Morning"
Too Many Of

Us Are Not

Living On Our


Because We Are

Living On Our


Good Morning...

Have Nice Day
raat ki chandni khatam hoi aai subha ki zia bass itna khena
hai gud mrng or kea iss subha main chupi ho bahot khusheya..
Value each precious moment...morning brings hope,
aft nun brings faith,eve brings love n" nite brings rest...
wish u find dem all 2day.HAVE A NICE DAY:-)
I woke up a few hours ago,but somehow I feel incomplete till I
remembered I haven"t texted you yet. Have a Pleasant Morning
One Day
Your Life
Will Flash
Your Eyes ...
Make Sure
Its Worth
Watching ...

g O_o D
m O r N i N g .. (: