There is only one difference

There is only one difference
There is only one difference between Dream and Aim.

Dream requires effortless sleep

Whereas Aim Requires Sleepless effort.

Keep trying to overcome inner beast which stops u offering ur prayers.

Good Morining have a nice good day :)

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Gud Morning My Frnd
Ts A New Day
I Hope Thngs Get
For Diz I Did Pry
May All Of Ur Problems
B Out On Their Way
On Dis Brite Mrning
Th8 Starts Dis New Day
TIME alone can prove the worth of frienship..
as time goes by,v loose the false ones,
n keep the best......
just a sweet hello 2 one of the best....
gud morning !!!!!
Never Get Tired Of Doing Little Things To Others, Because
Sometimes Those Little Things May Mean So Much To Them.
That''s Why I Won''t Get Tired Of Sending My Little Hi To You.
Gud Morning
Have A Nice DAY :)
The Best Breakfast Ever Is The One

That Feeds Both The Body And Soul;

Commence Ur Day With PRAYER

And Have A Very Wonderful Breakfast

With GOD. Good Morning!
Everyone Wants Happiness

No One Wants Pain

But Its Impossible

To Get A Rainbow

Widout Some Rain

GoOd mOrNnInG
Sun glows for a day,
Candle for an hour,
Matchstick for a minute,
But a good day can glow forever,
So start ur day with a smile.Gud Day
Raat Pe Sawera Chaa

Suraj Roshni K Saath
Aa Gaya

Ye Mahol Subha Ka
Sab Hi Ko Bha Gaya

Aur Aap Ne Aankh Kholi


Msg Humara Aa Gaya

Good Morning .. :)
The Word
Contains d same
letters as

Listen to GOD in d
Silence of Ur Heart n
U''ll know HIS perfect
plans for U

Good Morning .. :)
The secret of health 4
both ''Mind n Body'' is
not 2 ''Mourn'' 4 d past,
not 2 ''Worry'' abt
future, but 2 live d
present moment
''Wisely n Earnestly''

Gud A.M
Wheen I pray I Don"t C God But I Know He Listen When I Sms
I Don"t C U But I Know U Read My Messages With A smile
"Good Morning"
New day new blessing.Don"t let yesterday"s failures ruin the
beauty of today,b"coz each day has its own promise of
Good Morning...
Every Morning U Have 2 Choices

Continue Your Sleep With Ur Dreams


Wake Up And Chase Your Dreams

The Choice Is Urz

GoOd a.M


HvE a BlEsSeD dAy ...:)