Get up from ur Softy

Get up from ur Softy
Get up from ur Softy Softy Bed

Open ur teeny weeny eyes,

wear that jolly wolly smile,
and say to urself


Have A Nice DaY n All The Best:-*

Sep, 25 2014     154 chars (1 sms)     386 views       Good Morning

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Enjoy The Little Things,
For One Day You May Look Back
And Realize They Were The Big Things.

Gud Morning

A Gud Chrcter Is d Bst
Those Who Luvd U &
Were Helpd By U
Wl Remembr U Whn
4get-Me-Nots Hve
Carve Ur Name On
Hearts Not On Marble

Gud A.M (:
" I hAvE
WaS nOt BeaUtIfUk .... "

sTaRt uR dAy WiD a GrEat SmIle On Ur FaCe

kEeP sMiLiNg
HaVe A gReAt DaY ....
ThIs wArm
“Good Morning”
iS sEnt tO LeaVe
a SMILE on ur Face,
Drop ur BLues Even
4 Just a wHiLe and
2 wIsh u hapPiNess
More Than WorDs
Can Say..

God bless!:-)
“U should be either in a part of problem “


“U should be either in a part of solution”

So start u r day in ur own style..

“Good Morning”
Dr"s prescription for today.A cute little smile for breakfast.
More laugh for Lunch,Lots of happiness for Dinner,Dr"s fee...
whole Day think of me....G@@D Morning...
Excellence Isn''t Something That
U Can Just Turn On & Off
Whenever U Need It.
Its A Habit,
That''s Rooted In Attitude
& Effects Every Part Of Ur Life
Gud A.M.. (:
Suraj ugela hai,Chand dubela hai,Murga chilla rela
Chal bhidu uthle bole to rapchik Good morning
A Child On A Farm Sees A Plain Flying By Overhead
Dreams Of A Far Away Place . . .
A Traveler On The Plane Sees The Farm
Dreams Of That . . .
That’s Life . . .
We Never Realized The Value Of The Thing
It Moves Away From Us
Enjoy The Moment U Have With U

Gud Morning


Blessed Day .
''''G'''' god
''''O'''' offer us
''''D'''' Devotion to

''''M'''' make us
''''O'''' obedient &
''''R'''' ready for
''''N'''' new day to
''''I'''' initiate
''''N'''' new aim for the
''''G'''' glory of life..

''''HAVE A NICE DAY...''''
Too Many Of

Us Are Not

Living On Our


Because We Are

Living On Our


Good Morning...

Have Nice Day
If you think

You are too small to be efective,

You have never been in the dark with a "mosquito"

g O.o D mOrNiNg