Get up from ur Softy

Get up from ur Softy
Get up from ur Softy Softy Bed

Open ur teeny weeny eyes,

wear that jolly wolly smile,
and say to urself


Have A Nice DaY n All The Best:-*

Sep, 25 2014     154 chars (1 sms)     458 views       Good Morning

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5 Steps to every LOVELY MORNING this year. Close ur eyes,
Take a deep breath, Open ur arms wide, Feel ur heart beat &
say… Here I AM OH LORD, Embrace ME & be my STRENGTH TODAY!!!
YeStErdAy . . . =)

gUd MoRnInG


StAy BlEsSeD ...
Sleeping duration
For women 5 hrs.
For men 6 hrs
For children 7 hrs
For monkey 8 hrs.

Hello my dear ur 8 hrs is over.
Get up Lazy Bum

Good Morning
Value of relation is not how much

you feel happy with someone,

But it is that how much someone

feels ALONE without you!

Good morning.
If ur eyes r sweet u wuld like all the people of the world but
if ur tongue is sweet all the people of the world will like u.
Gud Day.
A Prayer Can Go Where
I Cannot Go. Through
Prayers I Can Be With
You Without Being
There. I May Be Miles
Away But My Prayers
Will Always Be With

GoOd MoRnInG ... (:
I Just Love When Morning Gets Here,

Bkz I Can Send A

Great Big Morning

Sms To My Bestest Friend.

What A Lovely Way

To Start My Day.. .
Receive my simple gift of "GOOD MORNING" wrapped with sincerity,
tied with care and sealed with a prayer to keep u safe and happy
all day long! Take Care!
Finally hum Uth Gaey hain.

To Jis Jis ne hamein Good Morning Kehna hai,

Wo Line mein Kharey Hojaein,

Kindly AIk Doosrey ko Dhakka mat Dein..

1 Bajey Tak Darshan Hongey...
makes the day
(=( ;_; )=)
that the best
thing (;_;) we can
do (;_;) (;_;) to
make (;_;) life easy
Gud morning!
Sun glows for a day,Candle for an hour,Matchstick for a minute,
But a good day can glow forever,So start ur day with a
smile...Good Morning....

Ne Off Ki


Ne Shuru Ki Shining,


Ne Di Hy Warning,

K Ho Gai Hy "Morning"
Me B Bol Dun Apko

Good Morning ... =)