Welcome the new morning

Welcome the new morning
Welcome the new morning with a
“Smile on ur Face”,
“Love in ur Heart”,
“Good Thoughts in ur Mind” & you will hv a wonderful day.
Wish you a lovely Morning..

Sep, 25 2014     156 chars (1 sms)     1044 views       Good Morning

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She is hot !
She is sweet !
She always Needs A lip 4 kiss
Whole world is Mad 4 her !
Who ? Who is she ?
Do you know ?


Chai piyo Mast jio … Good morning !!!

Be thankful 4 every morning u wake up to,

a brand new day of your adventure in LIFE.

god knows how to make ur day right,

Look up and say "God be my Guide."

" Gud MornIng "
Wishing U My Friend

Every Star
A Guiding One

Every Sky
A Blue One.

Every Heart
An Open One.

Every Friend
A True One

Every Dream
A Lasting One.

Every Song
A Bright One.

Every Path
An Easy One

Every Turn
A Right One ...

Gud Morning

Have A Blessed Day ... :)
As the sky breaks into a beautiful sunrise, may God open the
heavens to shower U lots of luv & happiness to make ur day a
meaningful one. Good Morning!
NAi Subha Ka Naya Nazara

Thandi Hawa Le K Aai Peghaam Humara

Utho Tayar Ho Jao

Khushio’n Se Bhara Rahe Aaj Ka Ye Din Tumhara

Good Morning
hey dear... sun is not rising, birds hv not started
chirping yet... is sumthin wrong with me or with this
morning? ohh... nw i know y? i 4got 2 wish u
It is a"S"imple"M"ind touching"I"nteractive"L"ong lasting
"E"ffectwhichWinsthehearts..Yes..Itsyour"SWEET SMILE"
So Keep smiling always, gudmrng..
Never look back...
Never regret...
Never remember
the people you''ve met.
Never begin...
And never end...
Never say never
when it comes to your friends!

Four Steps To Attain

First - THINK

Second - BELIEVE

Third - DREAM

Fourth - DARE ...

Good Morning
Stay Blessed :)
Don''t Think About

"What You Have Got......"

Think About
"How To Use It That You Have Got....." (:

g 0.o D
m O r N i N g

Stay Blessed
Laugh Ur Heart Out
Dance In d Rain
Cherish The Memories
Ignore d Pain
Love n Learn
Forget n Forgive
Remeber U''ve Only 1 Lyf To Live

Good Mornig .. :)
A mOrning Is A Wonderful Blessing
Either Cloudy Or Sunny
It Stands For Hope
Siving Us Another Start Of What We Call

GooD MoRnInG
HaVe A NiCe Day