Morning sms

Morning sms
Murawat Hi Sahi Par Ek Bat To Dil se Batao.

Waqai Masrof ho Ya Bhulana Chahty ho...!

Good Morningz....

Feb, 21 2014     107 chars (1 sms)     859 views       Good Morning

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I Make Dua That
Happiness Be At Your Door
May It Knock Early
Stay Late
Leave The Gift Of
ALLAH''S Peace, Joy
& Good Health Behind

U''ve 2 Walk Ur Own Walk In Dis Lyf
n As U r Traveling Down Ur Road
Dun Luk Down @ Ur Feet, Keep Ur Head Up
n Ur Eyes Focused On d Road Dat Reachz Ur Golz

Gud A.m
With petals of Roses, Palm full of Holy water, Light of full Sun, Fragrance of flower and grass with dew. I wish U a
v. special
GOOD Moning.
If ur eyes r sweet u wuld like all the people of the world but
if ur tongue is sweet all the people of the world will like u.
Gud Day.


Very Good

Just Taught U How To
Smile Wide
Now Go & Brush Your
Teeth ;->

Good Morning
Aap Na Hoty To Hum Koh Gay Hoty,
Apni Zindagi Sa Ruswa Ho Gay Hoty,
Ye To Apko Gud Morning K Kehny K
Liye Uthay Ha Warna Hum
To Ab B So Rhy Hoty

Gud Morning.
"No one can be right all of the time, but it helps to be right most of the time."


~Good Morning~

Every bad situation will have something positive...Even a
stopped Clock is correct twice a day...Think of this &
lead ur life....Good Morning....
Always be Happy, always wear a smile;
Not because life is full of reasons to smile but because ur smile itself is a reason for many others to smile...
Good Morning
I Just Love When Morning Gets Here,

Bkz I Can Send A

Great Big Morning

Sms To My Bestest Friend.

What A Lovely Way

To Start My Day.. . .
Simple music can make u sing,A simple hug can make u feel
better,Simple things can make u happy.Hope my simple Hi...!!!
will make u smile ...Good Morning....
My Wishes Are Silent
But True
Everywhere They
Follow You
Luck Is Yours
Wishes Are Mine
I Wish Your
Present n Future
Always Shine ...

Good Morning ... :)