Good morning

Good morning
Wbasta ha meri zindagi ka har lamha jis jis se


Unko apni rehmat se saada shaad or abaad rakhna


Good Morning

Jul, 22 2014     131 chars (1 sms)     500 views       Good Morning

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we often go off colour, but as long as
people like u are there to add the right shades, life goes on to
be a rainbow! Gud Morning.
The Choice You Make

"H A T I N G"
"F O R G I V I N G"

Can Make The
Story Of Your
"L I F E"

G o.O d
/\/\ o R n I n G =]
I WISH 4 U...Great start 4 Monday...No obstacles 4 Tuesday...
No stress 4 Wednesday...No worry 4 Thursday...Smile 4
Friday...Party 4 Saturday & great fun 4 Sunday...
Have a nice weekend (GUD MORNING)
At times one loses everything, it only means that things shall recommence shortly with more life, more love, more devotion, more intensity, with more hope . . .
Hope of a new tomorrow to fill the pits created by yesterday.

Gud Morning


Have A Blessed Life
Hey, Good Morning! Rise and shine!
As you open your eyes to greet the morning sun,
I wish that you would be well and fine.

WrApPeD iN

RiBbOnS oF tHoUgHtFuLnEsS

& TrImMeD wItH

KisSeSs & sMiLeS


tO sTaY nOt JusT fOr A DaY


FoR a LiFe tImE ... =)

GuD mOrNiNg
A smile is a way of writing your thoughts on your face,
telling others that they are accepted, liked and appreciated.
So here"s a big smile just for you. Good morning
I wish for SUN to warm U,MOON to charm U,A SHELTRING Angle so
that nothing can Harm U...Faithful friends near U and
everything U pray GOD to hear U...Good morning....
T h E
b E s T
w A y
t O
M a K e
y o U r
D r E a M s
T r U e
I z
T o
W a K e u P ,

GoOd mOrNiNg ... :)
Morning time-A cup of hot hello,

A plate of crispy wishes,

A spoon of sweet

Aslice of great success specially,

have a nice day!
*Good morning*
Never Get Tired Of Doing Little Things To Others, Because
Sometimes Those Little Things May Mean So Much To Them.
That''s Why I Won''t Get Tired Of Sending My Little Hi To You.
Gud Morning
Have A Nice DAY :)
(Aslam o Alikum),/,/,/,/,/"\,\,\,\,\,\

+* A *+
* NICE *
*+ Day *+ :-)
"GooD MorininG"