Good morning

Good morning
Wbasta ha meri zindagi ka har lamha jis jis se


Unko apni rehmat se saada shaad or abaad rakhna


Good Morning

Jul, 22 2014     131 chars (1 sms)     856 views       Good Morning

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Agar janna chaho ki hum tumhe kitna yaad karte hai, Tow barish
ki boondo ko pakdo jitni tum pakdoge utna tum yaad karte ho
jitni tum chhodoge utna hum yaad karte hai. Good Morning
One Day
Your Life
Will Flash
Your Eyes ...
Make Sure
Its Worth
Watching ...

g O_o D
m O r N i N g .. (:
A Prayer That

From Above

Will Grant U
All The Blessing
Of His Everlasting LOVE


Gud Morning
Hve A Blessed Day
(''.'')> (''-'') <(''-'')>
<\"\ /"/
_/"\_ _/"\_ _\"''\_
good morning from
Are bhaiya All iz well
All Morning Are Like Paintings

U Need A Little Inspiration To Get U Going

A Little Smile To Brighten It


A Msg Frm Someone Who Cares To Color Ur Day

Gud A.m ... :->
A New Day Beginning Is Perhapes d Best Time 2 Say
It''s So Nice To Know U
Here''s Wishing Our Friendship
Continues 2 Grow In Every Dayz To Come

Good Morning ...
People Don''t Care

How Much You Know !!


They Know ,

How Much You Care .. !!

Good Morning ... (=

Stay Blessed
"Certain Thoughts Are Prayers.

There Are Moments In Life,

When Whatever May Be The Attitude Of The Body ,

The Soul Is Always On Its Knees"

Gud Morning
Celebrate The Happiness That

Friendz Are Alwayz Giving

Make Everyday A Holiday


Celebrate Just Living ...

Good Morning
Have A Blessed Day ... :)
God''s Blessings Come
As A Surprise
How Much You Receive
On How Much Your
Heart Believes !

May You Be Blessed
Beyond You Expect ..

Good Morning ... :)
Lyf Is A Book
V All Read It

Love Is A Blessing
V All Need It

Always B Happy
Always Hve Smile

Remembr In Diz World

V r Just For A While !!

Gud A.M (:
Lyf is lyk a Bicycle,
d moment V stop pedaling,
V start losing momentum.
If V coast for too long,
V fall Resolve 2 press on inspite of all Ur distractions
Gud a.m