Every Morning

Every Morning
very Morning

we are born again.

What we do today is What matters most.

Good Morning.

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Many ppl realize their
hearts'' desires late in lyf
Continue learning
Nvr stop striving
Keep Ur curiosity sharp
U''ll nvr bcum too old 2
appreciate lyf ...

~ Gud A.m ~ (:
Aaj kuch gahbraye se lagte ho,

Thand mein kampkapaye se lagte ho

Nikhar kar aayi hai surat aapki,

Bahut dino baad nahaye se lagte ho

...Good Morning...
GoOd MoRniNg...

mAy GOd GIvE yOu A fREsH
sUpPLY Of StREnGth
To YoUr jOb,
AnnOinT YoUr pRojEcts,
BLesS yOuR iDeAs,
sO thAt EvEn YoUr SMaLLesT

GOD blEss YoU

kEEp sMiliNg

TAkE CaRe!!
A Smile Is Like A
Life Is Like A Cellphone
You Insert The
Simcard Of A Smile ,
A Beautiful Day Is
Activated ...

Good Morning
Keep Smiling (:
Cheerful people are like Sunlight.They shine in to the corners
of the heart & offer bright mornings & fresh hopes....
**Good Morning** to one such person...
Enjoy The Little Things,
For One Day You May Look Back
And Realize They Were The Big Things.

Gud Morning

Hi Good Morning...!!! Uth gaye ho na? Arz hai,Chai ke pyale se
uthte dhue mein teri tasvir nazar aati hai,Inhi khyalon mein kho
kar aksar meri chai thandi ho jaati hai...
March On
Do Not Tarry.
To Go Forward Is To Move Toward Perfection
March On
Fear Not The Throns
Sharp Stone''s On Life''s Path

GuD mOrNiNg ^_^
/ .----._/
/ /__/"""''/
''.______./ OOD
/"""\ /""\
/ "./ \
/ /" ".\ \
/__/ ".___\ORNING !
Begin the day with a light heart. Let all your worries be
swept aside at night. Smile a moment and thank God, for every
moment He cares for you all the way.:-)
Ther are two eternities that can really break u down,Yesterday
& Tomorrow... One is gone & other does not exist!!!So live
today only....Good Morning...
Sun wouldnt be red,
Sea wouldnt be blue,

I wouldnt be happy,
Without disturbing you!.

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