Feel Happy with Someone

Feel Happy with Someone
Value of relation is not how much

you feel happy with someone,

But it is that how much someone

feels ALONE without you!

Good morning.

Sep, 10 2014     137 chars (1 sms)     407 views       Good Morning

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As u face a brand new day, bow ur head & say this prayer:
"Thank u God for giving me this gud luking and cute sender. May his smartness increases everyday. (Ameen)"

Good Morning ;->
Twinkle Twinkle LAZY STAR
Kitna soe ge Uth JA Yar
Up above d world so high
... .
SUN has risen in d sky
Uth k jaldi p le chaee
Then do Comment & say me Hi.
Asslam-o-Alikum & Gud Morning
FLOWER Shines Till Spring End

STAR Twinkles Till the Night End

SUN Shines Till The Day End

May You Shine Forever
Ever & Ever

Subh-Ba-Kher .. (:
Cheerful people are like Sunlight.They shine in to the corners
of the heart & offer bright mornings & fresh hopes....
**Good Morning** to one such person...
Murawat Hi Sahi Par Ek Bat To Dil se Batao.

Waqai Masrof ho Ya Bhulana Chahty ho...!

Good Morningz....
It is a
''''M''''ind touching
''''L''''ong lasting
Its your ''''SWEET SMILE''''
So Keep smiling always,

May you rise each texting day with fully charged cell phone
in your hand,Inspiring message in your mind, me in your heart,
And a clear signal all day long. Good Morning & Nice day!
As the sky breaks into a beautiful sunrise, may God open the heavens to shower U lots of luv & happiness to make ur day a meaningful one.

Good Morning!
"Woh Kehte Hain Humein K Tum Badal Gaye Ho..."

"Hum Bhi Hans Parhte Hain Yeh Soch Kar K Toote Huwe Patton K Rang Badal Hi Jaya Karte Hain".
Good Morning
Pursue Righteousness:
A wrong thing is wrong even if everyone else is doing it,
A right thing is right even if you’re the only person doing it!

Gud morning!
Gulsan me bhanwron ka fera ho gya,
Purav me suraj ka dera ho gya.
Muskan ke saath aankhe khol pyaare,
Ek baar fir se svera ho gya
New day new blessing.Don"t let yesterday"s failures ruin the
beauty of today,b"coz each day has its own promise of
Good Morning...