Each time I text

Each time I text
Each time I text you good morning, it"s not just a morning
greeting. There"s a silent message saying I thought of you as
I woke up this morning! Good morning!

Jun, 08 2010     161 chars (2 sms)     849 views       Good Morning

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One of the joys in life is waking up each day with thoughts
that somewhere, Someone cares enough to send a warm morning
greeting! Good morning and enjoy the day!
No one can go back &
make a new beginning,
but anyone can start from now and
make a happy ending!
Hope u"ll have a day that starts right and
ends Happy! Good Morning
I have a special BREAKFAST for you today,
A glass of CARE,
A plate of LOVE,
A spoon of PEACE,
A fork of TRUST and A bowl of PRAYER.
No Shadows 2 Depress U, Only Joys 2 Surround U,Many FrieNds 2
LoveU,God Himself 2 BlessU,These r my Wishes 4U,2day 2morow &
Everyday 2 u !! Good morning
True Wealth Is Not A
Matter Of bank
Accounts And Assets
It''s In The Values We
Live And Share As
Well As The Person
We Keep In Touch
With & Care

Gud Morning (:
God unfolds each day like the petals of a rose, each gentle touch a beauty to behold.
Hope each of your moments today be so held with His tender loving care.
As d Sun Kisses U

Did U Hear GOD Whisper
"I Love U" 2 Ur Ear ?

Hop d Noise Of d Day
Won''t Drown HIS Voice

As HE Repeats Dese
Words 2 U All Day
Gud A.M
Relationships never Die a Natural Death

They are alwayz Murdered by Attitude,

Behaviour,Ego, Hidden Benefits or Ignorance.

Gud m0rnInG..
Smile! Because you have just received a text message from
someone hoping you are fine. Good Morning
You Cannot Make
Someone Love You
All You Can Do,
Is Be Someone
Who Can Be Loved ...

Good Morning
Have A Blessed Day (:
The more u count ur blessings, the more blessings u will have,
to count! I always do, and I count u as the nicest blessing!
God Bless u each day!
Good Morning! Have a nice day!
Dream a dream tonight as you sleep.
Smile a smile tomorrow that you may keep.
May all of your dreams and wishes come true.
Coz I couldn"t find a better friend like you!