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On a dark and moonless night

I sit and close my eyes, imagine

your face, your touch, your kiss,

and when I open my eyes, I see sparkling

and glittering stars around me .

How lucky I am to have you, my love!

I do not need any light to see

as you are my light.

I love You.
In a quiet night, a quite tear rolls down

my cheeks and make a quiet wish,

May you are here with me

Sitting hand in hand, in this lonely night,

expressing lovely feelings,

We have for each other.

I wish you were here to say, “I love you” to me.
My mind stops when I think of you

It takes me in the palm of your arms

Despite the distance that separates us

It reminds me your sweet eyes

It takes me to your kisses

My heart can not forget

I think of your smile

That keeps me awake

But I’ll eventually fly

To our story its just beginning.

I love You
People say you only fall in love once, but when I hear your voice I fall in love all over again
Four candles were talking to each other

1st-"I am PEACE, no one needs me" & it went off..
2nd-"I am FAITH, nobody believes in me" & it went off..
3rd-"I am love, nobody cares for me" & it went off..
4th-"I can light the other three because I am HOPE & I last forever!"

Life is tough, sometimes impossible to live.. but never lose hope.
I wish that your candle of HOPE lights all your other candles and keep them glowing.
Stay Blessed :)
boy to girl : koi esi baat kaho jis me khushi bhi ho or dukh bhi...

girl: I love U bhaai :D
Pathan:College Ki Ladki Se Bola I love U! Ab Tum Mujhe Bolo Girl:Mai Abhi Ja K Sir Ko Bolti Hun Pathan: Pagal Ki Buchi Sir Ko Mt Bol Unki Shadi Ho Gai Hai.
?"love is Unconditional"

Im happy to wait for u..
when u say " im busy, wait",
Im happy to wait for u knowing that
you wil never turn back..
Im happy to wait even when
you dont know that i was waiting for u...
Im still waiting......for u to say " I love You.." ??
*? Because I love You ?*

I give you whole of my love
Because I want that
Your heart is full of love
I give you whole of my strength
Because I want that
You go on the height of your proud
I give you whole of favors
Because I want that
You perform every work smoothly
I give you whole of my time
Because I want that
You don’t think you are alone
Because I love you a lot.
Mukhtasir ye k achy lgty hoO

Chahny ka sabab aur kuch bhi nhi......
Being single is a choice. Some say it's to avoid heartbreaks/love problems, but some choose to be single because they are still in love with someone secretly.
Kyun yaad tum itna aate ho…?
Kyun hum ko tum tarpaate ho…?
Gum sum gum sum hain aaj sahar se hum…
Kyun itna hamain sataate ho…?
Aadi hogaye hain us sitam ke hum…
Jo aadatan humpe dhaate ho.
Tumhain khayaalon se gar nikaal bhi dain…
To khwaabon main aa jaate ho.
Hum lab se nahin karte izhaar-e-mohabb at…
Tum aankhain hii nahin parh paate ho………..