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Some common questions

1. rail gari ki lights din ko bhi q on ki jati hain?

2.lerkian hamesha lerko kay samnay aa ker q dupata seedha kerti hain?

3.Mobile ki sim change kernay kay baad time 9:00 ka q hota hay?

4.front seat per hamesha ladies ko q bithatay hain? per jab lerka lerki say baat kerta hay to urdu ku bolta hay?

answr zaroor dena intizar rahay ga chalnge ha
sab ko send karo but reply me first

Suppose if i have no name, with what name u would like to call

me as per my nature & character ?send this to all ur friends enjoy the answer.

reply me 1st
If In Exam U Have One Of Question About Me
Then How Will U Define Me In Some Words ?
Ur Answer Shud Be Based On Truth, reply me Now
Can v do romance in the midnigh 2day
Can v do romance in the midnigh 2day? I"m in a gud mood:)
Just a little bit of kissing n bitin!!
reply me soon, urs Loving Mosquito
Question of the Day:

What is your Most Favorite Memory of 2009
That''s Related to Me.

Send It to Your Friends and get Interesting Memories.

But reply me 1st.
RecAL ur miNd..

Or mEri kAhi hui aiSi bAt batAyEn jO ApkO Aj b yAd hy..

sEnd it 2 ALL ur frndz n gEt InTresTing MeMoriez
But reply me First..

''''Angry'''' day

Wo Meri Kon C Baat Hy Jo Aapko Bht Gussa Dilaati Hy?

Send This SMS 2 Ur Friends 2 Knw..

But reply me First..

''''Angry'''' day

Wo Meri Kon C Baat Hy Jo Aapko Bht Gussa Dilaati Hy?

Send This SMS 2 Ur Friends 2 Knw..

But reply me First..
Suppose U R A Radio Presenter.

Which One Song U Will Dedicate To Me??

Snd 2 All Bt reply me 1st?
If Ur Ex-Lover Invites To His/Her Marriage,

Wat Wud U Like To Gift Him/Her?

Send It To Ur Frdz N Know How Ppl Hav Feelings For Dr Ex-Love, But reply me First

1:, Eik Din K Leiy P.M Of P@Kistan Bane To Kya Karo Ghy?

2:,1 Din K Leiy Jannt Mley To Kis K Sath Selibarit Karna Chaho Ghy ?

3:,Dil Aur Demaag Main Mutazad Ho To Kis Ko Mano Ghy ?

4:,1 Raat K Leiy Agar Sharab , Shabab Aur Kabab Main Se 1 Ko Chunna Ho To Kis Ko Chuno Ghy?

5:,Khud Se B Zeyada Jis Par Barosa Ho Wahi Dhoka De Jaie To Kya Kar Ghy ?
Ans:reply me Must.
"yaaD" DAY !!

"Woh meri kon c baat hai jo apko meri yaad dilati hai?

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Plz Fil This 4 Me
Koi Achai:
Koi Burai:
1 Advice:
1 Rquest:
1 Wish:
1 Jhot:
1 Sach:
1 Umeed:
1 Bat Jo Pehle Kbi Na Kahi Ho
B Frank & True.
Plz..Ok reply me