Good friends are like angels that lifts us up, when our wings have forgotten how to fly. Good friends are like angels that lifts us up, when our wings have forgotten how to fly.

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Na salaam yaad rakhna
na paigaam yaad rakhna
ho sake tho zindagi mein
hamara naam yaad rakhna
Thank you for touching my life in ways you may never know.
My riches do not lie in material wealth but in having friends like you a precious gi ft from God!
Some joys are better explained in silence,
as a smile gets more audible than laughter.
I was asked if I enjoyed my friendship with
you. I just smiled..:)
Age appears to be best in some things.
Old wood best to burn. Old books best to read.
Old rice best to eat and old friends best to keep
If u drop me, i "ll break, If u hold me, i "ll shake,
If u need me, i"ll hurry, If u don"t call me, i "ll worry,
If u hurt me, i"ll cry, but friend , If u leave me, i "ll die...
If time slips away without a word from me, U dont hv 2 worry about our friendship bcos feelings, beyond words will always keep me A R O U N D !
When You Ask GOD
For A Gift,

Be Thankful If He Sends,

Not Diamonds, Pearl Or Riches,


The Love Of Real True Friends... :->
FRIENDS r Like The Pillars On A Porch
Sometimes They Hold You Up
Sometimes They Lean On You
Sometimes Its Just Enuf To Know That They r Standing By (:
Being a friend is not just sharing a joke, a conversation,
a cup of coffee or a funny story.
It means sharing an honest and true part of yourself.
You cannot buy friendship, you can earn it.
If someone comes for help, be a true friend !
ik chota say sapna tha
us sapne mein koi apna tha
us apne mein kuch sakoon tha
jo zindagi ka junon tha
us junoon mein ek rahat thi
jo sirf teri chahat thi
us chahat mein ek andaz tha
jo meri dhadkano ka raaz tha
us raaz mein ek khushbo thi
jo meri sooch ki justuju thi
us justuju mein ek hararat thi
jo meri khushiyoun ki sharat thi
us shahrat mein mein ek ehsaas tha
k tou jo mere pass tha
us pass mein jo ek araam tha
woh bus sirf ek tera naam tha
dosti gunah hai to hone na dena,
dosti khuda hai to khone na dena,
karte ho dosti jab kisi se to,
kabhi us dost ko rone na dena.