The person who loves you a lot

The person who loves you a lot
The person who loves you a lot

will always do two things extremely for you.

1. Silently Caring and

2. Openly Hurting.

to make you Perfect.

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kisi girte hue insaan ko uthane do mujhe
kisi lut ti hui izzat ko bachane do mujhe
geet gaaye hain bahut pyaar aur mohabbat ke
aaj insaaniyat ke geet hi gaane do mujhe
Together You and I
Can Reach Stars In The Sky. . .
Together You and I
Can Touch Rainbows If V Try. . .
Together You and I
Can Make The Moon Smile. . .
Together You and I
Make Heaven Seem Like A Mile. . .
Together You and I
Can Make The Rain Fall. . .
Because Our Love Is Special
And Together We Have It All . . .
Love Is When
You''re in love with
You''ve no need to say
"good-bye", because
You''re always in Each
Others Heart ...
Staying Forever There .. :)
U''ve Been Called B4
Cupids Court
4 Stealing My Heart
Trespassing In My Dreams
Robbing Me Of My Senses
U''ve Been Sentenced
2 Lifetime With Me
Ho Do U Plead ? (:
What Is Luv?
Asked In A Survey,

Answered By A 5 Year Girl,

''Luv Is Wen U Tell A Boy

That U Like His Shirt


He Starts Wearing It Everyday''
I ThOuGhT LoVe WaS JusT A mIrAgE Of ThE MiNd. . . It''S An IlLusIoN, It''S FaKe, ImPoSsIbLe To FiNd. . .
BuT ThE DaY i MeT YoU
I BeGaN To SeE, ThAt LoVe Is ReAl AnD ExIsTs In Me. .
I love to see you smilem
In the lone summer of light
And hold you oh so close
Underneath the stars at night
But there is just one thing
Darling through and through
Forever I will cherish
Every moment with you.
If "U" loVe someone, be sUre 2 teLl thEm eveRy daY;
becaUse oNe Day "U" migHt nOt bE abLe 2 telL thEm becAuse iT was toO laTe anD thEy arE no lonGer theRe..
Someone somewhere dreams of your smile...and while thinking of you
says life is worthwhile. So whenever you"re lonely...remember its
true....someone somewhere is thinking of you
When you smiled you had my undivided attention. When you laughed you had my urge to laugh with you. When you cried you had my urge to hold you. When you said you loved me, you had my heart forever...
Kaash Mein Tere Haseen Haath Ka Kangan Hota
Tu Bade Payar Say Chao Say Bade Maan K Saath

Apni Nazuk Si Kalayi Mein Chadhati Mujh Ko
Aur Bay Taabi Say Furqat K Khizan Lamho Mein

Tu Kisi Soch Mei Doobi Jo Ghumaati Mujh Ko
Mein Tere Hath Ki Khushboo Say Mehak Jata

Jab Kabhi Mood Mein Aa Kar Mujhay Chooma Karti
Tere Honton Ki Hidat Say Dahak Sa Jaata

Raat Ko Jab Bhi Tu Neendon Kay Safar Pay Jaati
Mar Mareein Haath Ka Takiya Banaya Karti

Mein Tere Kaan Say Lag Kar Kayi Baatein Karta
Teri Zulfon Tere Gaal Ko Chooma Karta

Mujh Ko Bay Taab Sa Rakhta Teri Chahat Ka Nasha
Mein Teri Rooh K Gulshan Mein Mehak Ta Rehta

Mein Tere Jism K Aangan Mein Khanakta Rehta
Kuch Nahi To Ye Bay Naam Sa Bandhan Hota

Kaash Mein Tere Haseen Haath Ka Kangan Hota
sumtymz itz harder 2 say ''no"
wen i really mean yes
sumtyms itz harder to close eyes
wen i really want to c. ..
but d hardest moment is to let go sumone
wen i really want him to stay.. .. : (