Flowers need sunshine

Flowers need sunshine
Flowers need sunshine, violets need dew, all angels in heaven know I need u. years may fly, tears may dry, but my Luv for u will never die.

Jun, 14 2010     140 chars (1 sms)     691 views       Love

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Taskeen-e-dil ky Wasty Wada to Kijaye'

Hamin Pata Hai Apsy Ayea na jaye Ga.
If I Had Three Wishes . . .
I Would Give Away Two. . .
The Only Thing I Want In This World. . .
Is One Chance To Be Wid You. . .
As I feel the tear go down my cheek,
I notice that my heart is weak,
For the love I have for you,
Will always be gold and true,
I have made some mistakes, they rest in the past,
But know my love will always last,
Even though we are a distance apart,
You always have the key to my heart.
No Matter Where You Go..No Matter What You Do..
If We Grow Apart..Or Come Closer Together..
If You Fall In Love..And Forget All About Me..
Or If You Came To Hate Me..I Want You To Know That
I Will Always Love You..And Always Be There For You..
No Matter Where Your Destiny Lies..You Will Always Be My Friend..
And If Fate Tears Us Apart..Always Remember That
No Matter How Long It Has Been Since We Talked..
Or Why We Stopped Talking..If Life Brings You Down..
I Will Always Be There For You..You Can Call Me Anytime..Anywhere..
I Will Listin To You..I Wont Ever Judge You..And Always Remember..I Love You
I MISS YOU in every beats of heart,
In every blink of my eyes,
In every second of Time and...
In every moment of the Day !
Hug Someone U Love


Tell How Much U Care.

B''coz When They R Gone,

No Matter How Loud U Shout

& Cry,

They Wont Hear U Anymore!
A Wonderful Saying..

Trying To Forget Someone Whom

You Love A Lot Is Like

Trying To Remember


You''ve Never Met...!
The Most Important
Thing Is Life Is ...
To Love Someone ...

The Second Most
Important Thing In
Life Is ...
To have Someone
Love You

The Third Most
Important Thing Is ...
To Have The First Two
Happen At The Same
Time ... ^_^
You Were A Revelation
The Day I Saw You Standing
In The Distance
Your Hands Held Tight The Balcony
An Overcast Look Adorned Your Face
And For The Second Time In My Life
I Needed To Hold You
And Oh, How I Wanted To.
Forgive Me.
Love is a symbol of eternity. . . .
It wipes out all sense of time, destroying all memory of a beginning
All fear of an end. . .
Lamha Lamha Sanse Khatm Ho Rahi Hai, Jindagi Maut Ke Pahluo Me So Rahi Hai,
Us Bewafa Se Mat Pucho Meri Maut Ki Wajah. Wo To Bus Jamane Ko Dikhane Ke Liye
Ro Rahi Hai
I Will Work Hard To Get You Back.
I Will Be The Best Person For You.
I Will Beat The Problems In My Life.
I Will Wait For You And Trust You That You Will Come Back.