Love is like a missed-call

Love is like a missed-call
Love is like a missed-call
It stops before you catch it
But Friendship is like an "SMS"
It comes to you inbox and stay
Whenever you read it
It makes you happy
and this stay in your inbox until you delete it

Respect you friends

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You Have Gotta Win A Little
Lose A Little
And Alwayz Have The Blues
Just A Little
That''s The Story
That''s The Glory Of Love . . .
So Many Ways To Say


But Not Enough

Words In The

World To Say

"How Much?"
Ho sakta hai ki hum saath reh na paye...
ek dusre se kuch keh na paye...
itni nazdikyan mat badaiye humse...
ki hum...
duriyon ko sehna paye...!
LUV is whn
Dere r a million thngs U wana say 2 sum1
Whn dey luk U in eyes n hold U in arms nthng in lyf ma8ers othr thn being wid th8 prsn @ th8 momnt
10 signs of u r in luv:

1. U walk really slow wen u r wid her/him.

2. U feel shy wen she/he is arund.

3. U smile wen u hear her/him voice.

4. Wen u look at her/him u cant c othr people arund.

6. U start listenin 2 slow songs.

7. U realise u r always smilin 2 urself

wen u think abut her/him.

8. U wud do anythn 2 c her/him.

9. U wer so busy thinkin abut her/him

dat u did nt c dat point no. 5 is missing.

10. Now u scrolled up n laugh on ur mistake.

Ha ha pakade gye!!

I cum 2 know u r in luv.

u got lost thinking abt him/her.
Love is a science. . .

It is all about passionate chemistry

Dimensionless physics


a bit of biology thrown in :)
If u have to choose between me & d world,

What will u choose?

If u choose world u lose me.

But if u choose me I will give u the world....;->
True love is not measured in hugs and kisses, but in struggles and fears, and those who can work though those...they possess true love
Love Means 2 SEe SumOne With Closed Eyes, 2 Miss SumOne In Crowd, 2 Find SumOne In Every Thought, 2 Live For SumOne, Love SumOne But 2 B Sure Dat SumOne Is Only One.... ;->
Meri dunya main beshak andhera rahe
Tere lab pe hansi ka basera rahe
Phool khiltay rahen tere 4ron taraf
Tere har simt khushbu ka daaira rahe
Zindagi main teri shaam aaye nahi
Ek chamakta damakta saweera rahe
Tu mere sang ho ye zaroori nhi
Bas tu jahan b rahe sirf mera rahe.
Unke Ikrar Ka Intezar Hai Mujhe,
Jane Q Unse Pyaar Hai Mujhe,
Ae Khuda Kab Ayega Wo Hassen PaL,
Jab Wo Kahenge Aapse Pyaar Hai
The Sweetest Way 2 Propose

"Excuse Me ,

Do You Have

A Band Aid

B''coz I Hurt My

Knee When I

Fell In Love With U "