Love is like a missed-call

Love is like a missed-call
Love is like a missed-call
It stops before you catch it
But Friendship is like an "SMS"
It comes to you inbox and stay
Whenever you read it
It makes you happy
and this stay in your inbox until you delete it

Respect you friends

Dec, 11 2014     228 chars (2 sms)     697 views       Love

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Love is like a game of chess:
One false move and you''re mated.
Thinking of you keeps me awake,

dreaming of you keeps me asleep.

being with you keeps me alive
Missing some1 gets easier everyday
because even though you are one day further
from the last time you saw them
you are one day closer to the next time you will
You know why GOD created gap between fingers?
So that, when at some day one who is made for you
comes and fills those gaps by holding your hand.
WOrLd iS cRueL,
LoVe iS bLinD.
LoSt iN sAdnEsS,
BluR In miND.
HeArT iS bRoKeN,
fLaMe hAd DiEd.
TiMe HaS pAsSeD bUt wHy iS hE...
sTiLL nOt mInE...
Sweet Quote From
An 8 Years Old Kid

"LOVE Is When
I Can''t Pay Attention
In Class
I m Too Busy In
Writing ''HER'' 1st Name
With ''MY'' Last Name ..." (:
I m feeling so happy, do u know why?
cuz i m so lucky, do u know how?
cuz God loves me.Do u know how?
cuz he gave me a gift. Do u know what?
its YOU my love
Xcellent Lv Quote

"I don fear to die.,
My fear s dat if i die
who''ll Luv U as much as i do
Kabhi Mujh Ko Saath Lekar, Kabhi Mere Saath Chal Kar
Woh Badal Gaye Achaanak Meri Zindagi Badal Kar

Huye Jis Pey Meharaban Tum Koi Khush Nasib Hoga
Meri Hasaratein To Nikalin Mere Ansuuon Mein Dhal Ke

Teri Zulf-O-Rukh Kay Qurban Dil-E-Zaar Dhuundhata Hai
Wahi Champai Ujaale Wahi Suramai Dhundalake

Koi Phool Bun Gaya Hai Koi Chaand Koi Taara
Joh Chiraag Bujh Gaye Hain Teri Anjuman Mein Jal Ke

Mere Dosto Khudara Mere Saath Tum Bhi Dhuundo
Woh Yahin Kahin Chhupey Hain Mere Ghum Kaa Rukh Badal Kay

Teri Bejhijhak Hansi Say Na Kisi Kaa Dil Ho Mailaa
Yeh Nagar Hai Aainon Kaa Yahaan Saans Le Sambhal Ke
I know nothing lasts 4ever,
& may be we went 2 alawys stay 2gather,
But every smile & tear we share,
convinces me that memories of u &
me will last 4 the rest of my life..
Beyond 4ever.
Umeed-e-wafa na rakh un logo se…
Jo miltay hain kisi se..
Hotay hain kisi k
I ThOuGhT LoVe WaS JusT A mIrAgE Of ThE MiNd. . . It''S An IlLusIoN, It''S FaKe, ImPoSsIbLe To FiNd. . .
BuT ThE DaY i MeT YoU
I BeGaN To SeE, ThAt LoVe Is ReAl AnD ExIsTs In Me. .