Le kr Ana Usy

Le kr Ana Usy
*Le kr Ana Usy Mere JanazY MeiN Ek Akhri HaseeN MuLaqat to ho gi..!
*Mere Jism Mein Jaan to Ni Hogi Magar Meri jaaN Mere Jism k PasS To ho Gi..!

?Ibrahim Mughal?

Feb, 27 2015     165 chars (2 sms)     3403 views       Love

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The Essential Saddness Is To Go

Through Life Without Loving.

But It Would Be Almost Equally

Sad To Leave This World Without

Ever Telling Those You Loved

That You Love Them
A boy proposed a girl, But the girl rejected
Boy was not Sad
Friends asked him: Why are You not Sad?
Boy: I am not sad because I lost one who never loved me but she lost the one who always loved him
Remember me like pressed flower in ur Notebook.
It may not b having any fragrance,
but will remind u of my existence 4ever in ur life...
zindagi ka raaz - raaz rehne dijiye

jo bhi aitraaz - aitraaz rehne dijiye

par jab yeh dil - dil se milna chahe

yaar yeh mat kehna ke aaj rehne dijiye.
Bheed mein reh k bhi khud ko to main tanha paoon
Kon hai mera siwa tere main kahan jaoon ?
apne hathon se nasheman ko jla loon kaise
main tujhe is dil se is dil se nikaloon kaise?
ashk palkon mein chupa loon kaise?
Can I Say '''' I Love You '''' Today. . . ?
If Not, Can I Ask You Again Tomorrow. . . ?
The Day After Tomorrow. . .?
The Day After That. . . ?
Coz I''ll Be Loving You Every Single Day Of My Life.
Love To Fault Is Alwayz Blind

Always Is To Joy Inclined

Lawless, Winged And Unconfined

And Breaks All Chains From Minds

... Shakespare ...
Mudat k Baad Dekha usay Bdla Hoa Tha Wo
Najane Kiya Hadsa Hua Sehma Hua Tha Wo
Mujhy Dekh Kar Usne Chehra To Chupa Liya
Magar Ankhein Bata Rahi Thi k Roya Howa Tha Wo
Uski Ankhon Mein Dekh Kar Mehsos Hua Mujhe
Meri Tarha Kisis Soach Mein Doba Hua Tha Wo
Manoos ajnabi

Manoos Ajnabi
Ab k December may
Main nay bhi kuch khawab sjaye hain
apni sard aankho'n may
per darr lagta hai
kahi yeh meray khawab
pghel na jaye
Dhoop pernay per....!!
Log jane ge Tujhe mera Hawala de kar......

Mera hona Tere hone ki Nishani hogi......?
Love is just like life,
its not always easy and does not always bring happiness.
but when we do not stop living why should we stop loving
With every cut i make another feet i dig down deep,
bury me there with all the tears i weep.
fill it with my sorrows & all the blood i''ve shed..
Go on hurt me,kill me..let death be my eternal bed !!