Neend se kiya

Neend se kiya
Neend se kiya shikwa karun
Neend se kiya shikwa karun main...."sagar" Qasoor to us chehray ka hai jo mujhe sonay nahi deta.....!

May, 15 2015     134 chars (1 sms)     2708 views       Love

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Love Is As Much Of An Object As An Obsession
Everybody Wants It, Seeks It
But Few Ever Achieve It
Those Who Do Will Cherish It, Be Lost In It
Among All,
Never.... Never Forget It. . .
Tumhar Naam lik lik kr metana bol jata hu
Tumai jab yad krta hu bulana bol jata hu
Bohat c aisi baty hain jo mere dil main rehti hai
Magar jab tum se milta ho sunana bol jata ho
Main her aik sham kehta ho ke tum ko bol jawonga
Magar jab subah hoti hain bolana bol jata ho
They don''t LUV dat
don''t show their LUV
d course of TRUE LUV
ever did run smooth
LUV is a familiar
LUV is a devil
Dere''s no DEVIL ANGEL
bt LUV ... =]

Ur aim in life shud b 54321..
Shockd !!
I mean…

5- Five digit salary
4- Four wheeler vehicle
3- Three room flat
2- Two cute children
1- One sweetheart
I knew I loved you when I realized that there was no one else I would rather laugh, cry and make memories with. Luv U!
Mukhtasir ye k achy lgty hoO

Chahny ka sabab aur kuch bhi nhi......
As I Lie Awake In
My Bed
Al Sorts Of Thoughts
Run Through My Head
Why Do I Love U
As Much As I Do
Then I Realize
Its Becoz
You Are You ... :)
A Kiss Upon The Hand
Of Someone You Truly
Is More Beautiful
More Valueable
Any Diamond Or Gem
Could Ever Be .. (:
Time will always fly, but our love will never die.
Keep in touch and remeber me
tere pyar ki hifazat kuch is terhan se ki hm ne...

jb bhi ksi ne pyar se dekha to hm ne nazren jhuka leen
Multiply It by Infinity

Take It To The Depth

Of Forever


You Will Still Only Have

A Glimpse Of How Much

I think it's fabulous when someone comes along and makes you begin to live for the future instead of just trying to get through one day at a time.