Dil Ke Kitab

Dil Ke Kitab
To Meri Chahat Ka Ek Lafz b Na Parh Saka

Ey dil nasheen

Mein tery Diye Huey Dard Ki Kitab Parhty Parhty

Aksar So Jata hun

Good night

Sep, 10 2014     137 chars (1 sms)     585 views       Good Night

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txt msg: hello
ur mobile: ssshhhh..my madam is sleeping, pls dont disturb
txt msg: may i vibrate u?
ur mobile: ok ok, go ahead
txt msg: i came here just 2 say gudnite to ur madam
ur mobile: oh, tks..who sent u
txt msg: ur madam''s lover boy.
Dream a dream 2nite as u sleep.smile a smile 2morrow that
u may keep.may all of ur dreams and wishes come true cause
i could`nt find a better friend like u!
Hi Had Ur Dinner?
Den Go 2 Bed Fast
Because Something Is Waiting 4 U
Do U Know What Is That..?
Sweet Dreamz

Gud Nite!
Sweetheart darling my only eyes that I even use to hear,
goodnite, sleep well 4tonite will be my wonderful nite withU
I love you,for I cannt go any where minus eyes who is you.:
Old concept: "Do or die "
New concept: "Do before u die "
Latest concept: "Dont die until u do "
Our concept:
"WHAT TO DO!?!?!"

Good Night
() """ ()
( " ," )
""" Hey u!!!
Yes u...
the cute one...
holding this
are you asleep?
Juste wanted 2 say
Good Night..!
Goodnight, Sleep tight,
Don''t let the bed bugs bite,
if they do I''ll beat them with a shoe till they''re black and blue.

A day is goin 2 end again. Its been a pleasure to have a friend like u.
i may have 4gotton to say that i care. i may have failed to open up and share but though no wordz have been spoken my promise ov friendship wont b broken.
Colorz may fade,
The sun may not shine,
The moon may not b bright,
Heartbeats may stop,
Lives may pass but our friendship,i''ll treasure till the day my heart stops.
Sweet dreams.
Bye bye.
Smile Is Da Jam On Da Toast Of Life
It Adds Flavor
Keeps It Frm Being Too Dry
& Makes It Easier 2 Solve Life''s Problems.

Keep :-)Ing
Enjoy Life...

My Math teacher told me 1 Hour=60 Mins & 1 Min = 60 secs.
but she never told me 1 sec without a FRIEND like you is
equal to 100 years. Miss you, Good Night, have a
sweet dream
As Night Falls upon the Land,
It is Time To Zzzz Again.

With the Moon hanging in the Starlit Sky,
I''m Here to Wish You Good Night!
Laugh ...


The World

Laughs With You ...



Sleep Alone ... ;->

Gud Nite

Have Sweet Dreamz ... =)