Decide When

Decide When
Do not promise when you are happy,

Do not reply when you are angry

And do not decide when you are sad


Sep, 10 2014     116 chars (1 sms)     634 views       Good Night

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Zindagi me kamyabi ki
MANZIL k liye
KHWAB zaruri hai !!
Aur khwab dekhne k liye
To apni MANZIL ki pehli sidi
chadho !! Aur .....
SO JAO!! GUD NITE !!!princess




.shhhhhhhhh.I"m walking slowly,bcoz u might be sleeping,
I"ll just leave my message 4u"GOOD NIGHT & SWEET DREAMS"..
Ikhtiar e Neend To Kab Ki Hum Se Chhoot Gai..

Ab To Sirf Bistar Pr Rasm e KaRwat Nibha Rahay Hain..!
In tis lovely nite, I pray 2 the blue moon 2 protect U thru
the nite, the wind 2 blow away ur stress N the twinkle stars
2 guide U the way, sweet dreams G00d Nite
Take it Light G,
Miss Me Slight G,
Never Do Fight G,
Have Fun Might G,
Eat Good Diet G,
Try Flying a Kite G,
Be Alwayz Happy Right G,
G0o0d Night G,
Aaj bahut yaad kiya humne tujhko, Bahut miss kiya humne
tujhko, Chaha ki tum yahan hote, kum se kum mere kuch kapde
tow dhote!!. Good Night.
Despite the Old saying "Don"t Take Your Troubless &
Worries To Bed" Most of the People still sleep with their
wives!!! WHAT A CRAZY WORLD, Good Night.
Sun Is Switched Off!

Stars Are Switched On!

Blue Sky Goes Off


Black Sky Comes In!

So A Cool Night Is Coming!

Go To Bed! And Sleep Well.
Tireness draws across the mind making the body fade flexibility and soon windows of soul begin 2 close N enter the dreamland!! Sweet Dreams!
Wishing the sweetest night
to a sweet natured person.
May u sleep n fall from the bed tonight,
Then u will remember that u forgot
to wish me Good Night!
cover blanket tight tight
As nite falls upon the land, it is time 2 Zz again. With the moon hangin in the starlit sky, i''m here to wish U NiteNite! Sweet dreams, cover blanket tight tight
To Whom It May Concern: Please be notified that the most beautiful creation of God is preparing to sleep... Send your greetings now while she''s still awake. Good night! :)
We All Have 0ur Time
Some Take Us Back,
They`re Called
Some Take Us Forward,
They`re Called
"DREAMS" ... :)

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