night is bright

night is bright
Hi moon!
dim your light

hello wind!
gentle breeze

Hello Earth!
gently turn

Because my friend is going to sleep.

Oct, 03 2013     120 chars (1 sms)     665 views       Good Night

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Master of puppets is pulling your strings, twisting ur mind n
SmasHing ur dreams. blinded by me, u can"t see a thing when i
count to 3 u shall fall a sleep 1,2,3,Zzz
Think Of Your Faults The

First Part Of The Night

When You Are Awake,

And The Faults Of Others

The Latter Part Of The Night

When You Are Asleep. Good Night
You Are Never Given
A Dreams Without Also
Being Given The
Power To Make It
So Dream Big & You
Will Have What You
Want ...

Good Night ... =)
Charo Taraf CHAND Fekarela hai Light,
Boleto ho gayeli Hai Night
Band Karne ka Tube Light
aur soneka Tight,
Boleto BYE... Good Nite
zzzz! zzzz! i ,o_,__,
huh! I forgot
i , /(,__,
to tell you
o_, Good
i (,__, Night...
Kitne Khusnaseeb hai hum jo hamein sapne lene k liye
ye pyari si raat mili
ye chand, ye tare mile or sapno ki saugat mili.
Is pyari si raat ko yun hi jaag k na gawan dena.
Kya pata sapne lene k liye ye raatein kitne janmo baad mili.
So don"t waste ur time. & go to bed & take sweet dreams
Take it Light G,
Miss Me Slight G,
Never Do Fight G,
Have Fun Might G,
Eat Good Diet G,
Try Flying a Kite G,
Be Alwayz Happy Right G,
G0o0d Night G,
Try this.....its fun!
Remember a number between 1-9

Now add 5 to it

Now multiply by 7

Add 5 & sub 3

Add 25

Add its digits now

Now forget all & go to bed!

Gd Nite
WAT IF I DIE???It wont matter 2 da sky;Same will b da earth;
Da land of my birth;I"ll b helpless & da birdz so brave"
Tat dey"d come & chirp on my grave;People"ll say she had brainz"
Some"ll say but in vain"Da sun will rise da sun will set;
There"ll b no change in da world i bet;There"d b a few
hearts only;Who after me"ll feel lonely;While living i
keep commiting sinzzz;If recorded"ll fill several binzzz;
& if i do some thing good & noble;People"ll remember me
as pious,honest & humble(((GOOD NITE)))TC
Tireness draws across the mind making the body fade
flexibility and soon windows of soul begin 2 close N
enter the dreamland!! Sweet Dreams!
See stars are blinking,Moon is shinning & breeze is
singing... Bcoz I ask them to greet U a special
Good Night...!!!
Zindagi me kamyabi ki MANZIL k liye KHUWAB zarori hai
Or khuwab dekhne k liye NEEND!
Tu apni MANZIL ki pehli siri charho!
Aur. . . . ,
So Jao