night is bright

night is bright
Hi moon!
dim your light

hello wind!
gentle breeze

Hello Earth!
gently turn

Because my friend is going to sleep.

Oct, 03 2013     120 chars (1 sms)     722 views       Good Night

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Try this.....its fun!
Remember a number between 1-9

Now add 5 to it

Now multiply by 7

Add 5 & sub 3

Add 25

Add its digits now

Now forget all & go to bed!

Gd Nite
Chand ko bheja hai pehredaar
Taron ko saupa hai nigrani ka kaam.
Raat ne zari kiya hai farmaan,
Sare sweet dreams bas apke naam.
Gud Nit
()"""() WAIT...
( "o" ) Dont
(,><.) Sleep
let me pray
( -o-)
( ,(")),
Dear GoD, plz.let my friend get sweet dreams, Gud nite!
cover blanket tight tight
As nite falls upon the land, it is time 2 Zz again. With the moon hangin in the starlit sky, i''m here to wish U NiteNite! Sweet dreams, cover blanket tight tight
Night is longer than day for those who DREAM,and day is
longer than night for those who make their DREAMS COME
TRUE....Wish you Good Night and Sweet Dreams!
Hayo Rabba!
Tussi so gaye?
Inni jaldi?
Ik mint ruko mainu Gud Night bolan deo jee!!
Gud night hai jee!!
O tussi chaho to sweet dreams bhi dekh lena. Gud Night
I was looking out the windows thinking about the person
I care most & the person that came into my mind is U so
juz wanna wish u good nite.......
Good Night
Sleep Tight
Sweet Dreams
For what u r pressing button? that"s all
Lorie bhi sunau kya?
Stars have settled & moon will shine,

Frndship matures as a lovely wine.

a very lovely nite 2 a frnd of mine,

may Ur nite b cool &fine..

Gudnit..Tkcr. .

Come Outside

I''m Standing Out Side Of Ur House

Plz Come Immediately

My Name Is :

I Want To Say

Good Niht ('','')
Em Sending

A Pillow Of Happy

Thoughts To Create

Wonderful Dreams

A Blanket Of Care

To Keep You Blessed In Lyf


A Prayer

To Protect You Alwayz

Gud Night …:->
Tireness draws across the mind making the body fade
flexibility and soon windows of soul begin 2 close N
enter the dreamland!! Sweet Dreams!