night is bright

night is bright
Hi moon!
dim your light

hello wind!
gentle breeze

Hello Earth!
gently turn

Because my friend is going to sleep.

Oct, 03 2013     120 chars (1 sms)     839 views       Good Night

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If YoU cRy BeCaUsE tHe SuN

HaS gOnE oUt Of YoUr LiFe

YoUr TeArZ wIlL pReVeNt YoU

FrOm SeEiNg tHe StArZ ...

GuD nItE
ShWeEeT dReAmZzZ ... (=
Sorry Yar

I Wanted To Greet U Good Morning

But Walked Too Slow So

Good Night &

Sweet Dreems
Gud night

Agar ap ladkE Ho to aapke
sapane me aishwarya, karina,
aur katrina aye

Aur agar ap larki hO tO aPke
sapne me mai khud Aunga..!
In d nite
stand near d window, Look at d sky there will b 2 stars twinkling brightly,
U know wat they r? They r my hands praying 4 u.
AiK dafa ka ziKar hY k mai sO raha tha, Bilkul aiSay (^_^)
phir mera phone baja,
mai uthgaia, bilkul aiSAy (*_*)
mene phone daikha to alarm tha,
time daikh ker meri aankhein aur khul gai, bilkul aisay (O_O)

phr phr...

Phir mujhy yaad aya k SUNDAY hy

Mai phr so gya bilkul aisay
~ Moon
has come to color
your dreams

~ Stars
to make them musical


~ My Sms
to wish you warm &
peaceful sleep

Good Night
Sweet Dreams <-:
Hi Had Ur Dinner?
Den Go 2 Bed Fast
Because Something Is Waiting 4 U
Do U Know What Is That..?
Sweet Dreamz

Gud Nite!
G-o to Bed O-ff the light O-ut of tension D-reams come
N-ice sleep I-gnore worries G-et up earlier H-ave nice
thought T-hank the GOD..
Despite the Old saying "Don"t Take Your Troubless &
Worries To Bed" Most of the People still sleep with their
wives!!! WHAT A CRAZY WORLD, Good Night.
To Whom It May Concern: Please be notified that the most beautiful creation of God is preparing to sleep… Send your greetings now while she''s still awake. Good night! :)
Stars light Stars bright u"re the only Star I see tonight.
I wish I may. I wish I might be there guarding ur dreams tonite,
gd nite sweet dreams
It’S My Pray

WheN U SlEeP






AlSo SlEeP 4EvEr


WhEn U GeT Up


SuCcEsS Of LiFe

GeT uP WiD U 4eVeR


GoOd NiTe & SwEeT drEaMs