good night

good night
star light,

shining star

u're the only star

I see tonight!

good night, my love!

Oct, 03 2013     92 chars (1 sms)     924 views       Good Night

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;''= ( """"""""!"=l
''=(@) ===== ( @)=
Pee! Pee! Peem..
Sorry My Sms Was In Traffic Jam
So Late To Wish
tHiNgS 2 tAkE nOtE wHen u slEEp
1st: MisS mE
2nd: lOVe Me
3rd: KiSs mE
4th: HuG mE,
tRy 2 slEEp nOw ClOsE YoUr EyEs & gEt pRePaReD drEEm Of me.
GooD NiGhT
" 12 " .
9 !/ 3
" . 6 . "

. " 12 " .
9 !_ 3
" . 6 . "

. " 12 " .
9 _! 3
" . 6 . "
still awake?
Let the silence of the night give you enough strength for tomorrow.

Let the stars light up your face and let the love of God embrace you.

Not just tonight but for the rest of your life. Good night!
I MaY Not Be a cLocK ThaT maY TexT yOu 24hrs a DaY But My HeArt Will bE LikE a CloCk ThAt will nOt sToP CarIng & SayInG U r aLwaYs RemeMbEreD.
TakE CaRe
GoOd NiTe
Na Din Ko Light..
Na Raat Ko Light

Waaaah waaaah

Na Din Ko Light..
Na Raat Ko Light

GOOD NIGHT.. :* xx
hayo rabba tussi so gaye inni jaldi ik mint ruko maino
"GOOD NIGHT" te bolan deo ji,GOOD NIGHT" hai ji o,tussi
chaho te sweet dream bhi dekh lena
Welcome 2 "GOOD-NITE"

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Free Cool Dreams
Thank you.

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GOOD NITE ... (:
At this moment 3.7 Millions are sleeping,2.3 Millions
are falling in Love,4.1 Million are eating & only one
cute person in the whole world is reading my SMS....
Good Night!!!
A very original GUD NIGHT, Bware of cheap & duplicate wishes in d market. I''''m the only authorized dealer 4 GUD NIGHT wishes approved by "CHANDA MAMA"
Gud Night...
800 Kamron Ka Mehal Ho Aur Raja Ka Darbaar,
Income Ho Arbon Me Aur 10 Farari Car,
Sub Spne Mei Hi Mil Skta Hy yaar,
Is liye Jagna Hy Bekar Sote Rahiye Sarkaar..
U might b sleeping
U might b awake
there’s a feeling i
just cant shake…
I know deep inside
this feeling is right
the uncontrolable
urge 2 say….