har cheez had main

har cheez had main
har cheez had main achi lagti hai ......


magar tum ho ke be had ache lagte ho

good night

May, 17 2014     122 chars (1 sms)     698 views       Good Night

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Black Sky With

Solo Moon With

Millions Of Stars

Brings U A

Silent Hours

2take A Nice Rest..

Enjoy D Whole Night..

Gud Ni8

Sweet Dreams :->
Purani kahawat hai k,
sotay waqt koi tension lay kr nahi sona chahiye,
Phir bhi



Hum Aap ko yad kr k soty hain...!

Good nigt.
Take a Good and special Care of your self, Almighty ALLAH saves your from all problems Forver and forever GOOD nighte
Sweet Dreams
you live in ur dreams,but dreams may die. dont get shattered,
never ever cry.da world is big &has lots 2 give,pick up a new
dream,4 dats da way 2 live.Good NighT.
As the day turns into night,
keep your worries out of sight!
No matter how tough the world may seem,
u still deserve the sweetest dream
Nite Is Desinged
2 End d Worries & Fears
Of d Day
It Signifies 2 Leave It All
To GOD & Prepare 4
Another Day To Come

Hve A Peaceful Nite
A Blessed 2morrow

Come Outside

I''m Standing Out Side Of Ur House

Plz Come Immediately

My Name Is :

I Want To Say

Good Niht ('','')
A late night greeting doesnt only mean good night It has a
silent msg sayin.. ur my last thought at night..Gdnight
At this moment 3.7 Millions are sleeping,2.3 Millions
are falling in Love,4.1 Million are eating & only one
cute person in the whole world is reading my SMS....
Good Night!!!
As nite falls upon the land,
it is time 2 Zz again.
With the moon hangin in the starlit sky,
i”m here to wish U Good Night!
Sweet dreams, cover blanket tight"
Night is Silent

Night is Beautiful

Night is Calm

Night is Quiet..


Night is not complete

Without Wishing U

Good night.
In tis lovely nite, I pray 2 the blue moon 2 protect U thru
the nite, the wind 2 blow away ur stress N the twinkle stars
2 guide U the way, sweet dreams G00d Nite