har cheez had main

har cheez had main
har cheez had main achi lagti hai ......


magar tum ho ke be had ache lagte ho

good night

May, 17 2014     122 chars (1 sms)     1120 views       Good Night

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Last night as I lay sleeping, love,
A vision came to me.
It was of you and I, my love,
A wondrous sight to see.
And in the dream I had, my love,
I reached and touched your face
I clasped your hand in mine, my love,
And felt your warm embrace.
I pressed my lips to yours, my love,
To taste your kiss so sweet
You held me for a minute, love,
In this moment that did fleet.
I wakened from the dream, my love,
With a thought of you that stayed
With me throughout the day,
my love
And never once did fade.
A day is going to end again. It is nice to have a friend like U making my everyday seems so great.
Thank U my good friend lastly gud nite n sweet dreams...
Take a Good and special Care of your self, Almighty ALLAH saves your from all problems Forver and forever GOOD nighte
Sweet Dreams
Our Life Begins With Our Cry...

Our Life Ends With Others'' Cry...

Utilize This Gap & Laugh As Much As Psbl B/W Dese Cries!

Keep :-)Ing Always!

Good Night (:

G. Go 2 Bed
O. Off d Lites
O. Out O Tension
D. Dreamz Come

N. Nice Sleep
I. Ignore Worries
G. Get Up Early
H. Hve A Nixe Day
T. Thank God Alwayz ... (:
Master of puppets is pulling your strings, twisting ur mind n
SmasHing ur dreams. blinded by me, u can"t see a thing when i
count to 3 u shall fall a sleep 1,2,3,Zzz
Welcome aboard2 "Sweet Dreams" airline, all passengers on bed,
hug ur pillows as the flight will be leaving soon 2dream land.
Enjoy ur time ;) G"NITE
I wish that God would hold u tight.

I hope that angels will keep u in site.

Now just2make sure u feel all rite,

I’m gonna wish u a wonderful Night!
Night is Silent

Night is Beautiful

Night is Calm

Night is Quiet..


Night is not complete

Without Wishing U

Good night.
Aaj bahut yaad kiya humne tujhko, Bahut miss kiya humne
tujhko, Chaha ki tum yahan hote, kum se kum mere kuch kapde
tow dhote!!. Good Night.
Chandani raat me our bhi shiddat se aaye gi us ki yaad
Behtar hai faraz so jana sham se pehle

good night
Sleeping Is Not Taking

Rest 4 Todays Hardwork.

It Means Gaining Energy

4 Tomorrow.

So Sleep Well.

Gud Night.

Have Smiling Pill Too