NiGHt iz longeR

dan day 4 dose





iz longer


night 4 those

who make


DREAMS come true….

So Wish U

Sep, 12 2012     131 chars (1 sms)     924 views       Good Night

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I was looking out the windows thinking about the person
I care most & the person that came into my mind is U so
juz wanna wish u good nite.......

is a good time 2 Remember
all the sweet things
& all the sweet persons in ur


So sleep well with ur

Good Night
At this moment 3.7 Millions are sleeping,2.3 Millions
are falling in Love,4.1 Million are eating & only one
cute person in the whole world is reading my SMS....
Good Night!!!
I MaY Not Be a cLocK ThaT maY TexT yOu 24hrs a DaY But My HeArt Will bE LikE a CloCk ThAt will nOt sToP CarIng & SayInG U r aLwaYs RemeMbEreD.
TakE CaRe
GoOd NiTe
Chandni Raat Me Madhosh Hone Se Pehle

Khuwabon Ki Dunya Me Khone Se Pehle

Mene Socha Apko Yaad Dila Don

Kalma Parh Lena Sone Se Pehle...

Night is shorter than day 4 those who Dream. Bt,d day s shorter than nit 4 those who mak their Dreams com true.

Good Niight..
Evryday, Evrytime, Evrywhere,
I may not be with you.
My thinking,
My care,
My prayers, &
My lovely wishes are always with you.
Good Night
LOOK...the moon is calling you, SEE...the stars are shining for you, HEAR... my heart saying good night to u
;''= ( """"""""!"=l
''=(@) ===== ( @)=
Pee! Pee! Peem..
Sorry My Sms Was In Traffic Jam
So Late To Wish
hi,i know u r sleeping i dont wand to disterb u.
but this "beeb beeb" is my sweet kiss.i wil give it againe.
so keep in touch
*\\ //*
Take some time to smile when you"re sad.. to rest when you"re tired.. to love if you"re feeling empty.. & to let go if you need to. time endures, time heals. in this life, just take some time for yourself.... gudnyt..