Haal e Dil Suna Ker

Haal e Dil Suna Ker
Sab So Gaye Khushi Khushi Apna Haal-e-Dil Suna Kar

Afsoos Ki Mera Koi Nahi Joh Mujhse Kahe Tum

Kyu Jaag Rahe Ho…..

Good Night

Sep, 10 2014     129 chars (1 sms)     583 views       Good Night

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This Has Been Declared

As D Worlds Most Difficult

Tongue Twister: "The Sixth Sick Sheikhs Sixth Sheep Is Sick"

Try It.

gOod NighT
Night is longer than day for those who DREAM,and day is
longer than night for those who make their DREAMS COME
TRUE....Wish you Good Night and Sweet Dreams!
A Shining ANGEL Stands

Beside Your Silky Bed,

Calling Ur Nice Name So Softly,

Throwing Flowers On U

And Saying

Good Night


Sweet Dreams.
If only there was no distance between,i would have kissed u
gudnite...anyway gudnite baby have a nice sleep n god be
with u this week.i luv u.
I hide my tears when I say ur name, But the pain in my heart
is still the same. Although I smile & seem carefree, there"s
no one who miss U more than me. Good Night & Sweet Dream
Gud night

Agar ap ladkE Ho to aapke
sapane me aishwarya, karina,
aur katrina aye

Aur agar ap larki hO tO aPke
sapne me mai khud Aunga..!
Wishing the sweetest night
to a sweet natured person.
May u sleep n fall from the bed tonight,
Then u will remember that u forgot
to wish me Good Night!
txt msg: hello
ur mobile: ssshhhh..my madam is sleeping, pls dont disturb
txt msg: may i vibrate u?
ur mobile: ok ok, go ahead
txt msg: i came here just 2 say gudnite to ur madam
ur mobile: oh, tks..who sent u
txt msg: ur madam''s lover boy.
Tne Raat Ko Aur Kaun Ho Sakta Hai Yaar.
R U Fed Up Wit Forward Sms?
Read Dis Backward.
"Nyt Dug"
"Zmrd Teews"
"Llew Peels"
Wash your face and wash your feet!
Now itz time 2 fall asleep.
Yours eyes are weak N mouth can''t speak so hope tis nite shall b nice and sweet.
Good Nite.
Dreamz r the GOD''S way of showing

What we can achieve


HE makes us wake up every morning

To give Us A chance

To achieve it


Dream High


Gud Nyt ... (:
~ Moon
has come to color
your dreams

~ Stars
to make them musical


~ My Sms
to wish you warm &
peaceful sleep

Good Night
Sweet Dreams <-: