Haal e Dil Suna Ker

Haal e Dil Suna Ker
Sab So Gaye Khushi Khushi Apna Haal-e-Dil Suna Kar

Afsoos Ki Mera Koi Nahi Joh Mujhse Kahe Tum

Kyu Jaag Rahe Ho…..

Good Night

Sep, 10 2014     129 chars (1 sms)     469 views       Good Night

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Pyare se dost ko salam humara.

Din kaisa raha ye sawal humara.

Kal phir sms bhejenge ye wada humara.

Par abhi good night KA pyaara sa paigam humara.
Sorry Yar

I Wanted To Greet U Good Morning

But Walked Too Slow So

Good Night &

Sweet Dreems
Close your eyes,
Concentrate your mind &
Pray to God about the things
That you want most.
GOD must fulfill your prayer...
Have a nice sleep...
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,


Night Is Meant For Sleeping Yaar,

So Take A Pillow And Soja YAAR...

Gud Nite.
Kbhi sochte h ek GULAB bhej de,
Kbhi chahte h pura BAAG bhej de,
ja Rhe ho agar Aap sone ko to Dil krta h,
Apki PALKO me ek PYARA SA KHWAB bhej de
Good night my very special friend,
I pray you lay in rest,
And may tomorrow bring you
Much love and happiness.
Do not think of me…i m in ur eyes, in ur heart
Good Night
/____^ .;'';'';.;'',
,,l___l l ,,,,)(,,,

This house is my gift for you. So please go inside and sleep well good night & sweet dreams..
THpin boop

3)In A 3VAH
read it in a mirror
To Whom It May Concern: Please be notified that the most beautiful creation of God is preparing to sleep... Send your greetings now while she''s still awake. Good night! :)
You Should Always Dream Big ...


For That You Should

Sleep Quite Often ... ;)

gOoD nIgHt ... (=
Have you ever experienced a time in your life

when you felt so empty for no reason?

Have you ever felt so down but you just can''t tell why?

Have you ever felt like the world suddenly spins around you,

and you are caught in the middle going nowhere?

Weird, isn''t it?

But that''s the beauty of being human…

it is knowing that there is a purpose for each existence,

and whatever that may be,

it is also the reason why we still wake up breathing each morning,

to discover that missing piece of puzzle that would make our lives complete.

Have a nice sleep!
Saw my msg?
n0w, can u?
still can"t??
c0z n0 wORds can x-press how special u are!
Good night!
I really want u to be mine,and i"ll say this all the time,
u really are one of kind, and swwtest i""ll find ,
good night my darling, wish u sweet dreams till morning