Look outside its so romantic…

Look outside its so romantic…
Look outside its so romantic…
The cloud is hugging you,
With a cold wind,
The star singing for you,
The moon dancing for you,
Because i invite them all to wish you,
Good Night, Have a lovely Dreams and Sleep Well.

Aug, 01 2013     213 chars (2 sms)     754 views       Good Night

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Sun Is Upset..

Moon Is Happy...



Sun Is Missing U N Moon Is Going 2b Vth U.

Good Night


Sweet Dreams ... =)
Welcome 2 "GOOD-NITE"

Cool Pillow,
Cool Water Bed,
Hot Blanket

Discount On Bill:
Free Cool Dreams
Thank you.

Please Visit Agn

GOOD NITE ... (:
Andheri sadak,

sunsan kabristan,

sooni haveli,

kala aasman,

rat ho gayi,

so ja shaitan.

Good Niight..
Muskurahato'n Se Bhari
ho Zindagi

Chahato'n Se Bhar Ho
har Pal

Daman Bhi Chotta Lagny

Itni Khushya'n De
Aap Ko Har Aane Wala Kal

G 'o_o' d Night (:
In d nite
stand near d window, Look at d sky there will b 2 stars twinkling brightly,
U know wat they r? They r my hands praying 4 u.
I think Ur eyes are
tired looking @ this world
reflecting through light,
Let Ur eye lashes hug
ech other 4 few hours.
Happy journey into
ThE dReAm WoRlD

Good Night ... (:
Ordinary Nights
Become Special
When An
Ordinary Person
Like Me
Takes Time
To Greet
Special Like You!

*Good Night*
As Night Falls upon the Land,
It is Time To Zzzz Again.

With the Moon hanging in the Starlit Sky,
I''m Here to Wish You Good Night!







Macchar Hai,
Maar Do Aur So Jao.

Gud Nite

Come Outside

I''m Standing Out Side Of Ur House

Plz Come Immediately

My Name Is :

I Want To Say

Good Niht ('','')
Chand ko bheja hai pehredaar
Taron ko saupa hai nigrani ka kaam.
Raat ne zari kiya hai farmaan,
Sare sweet dreams bas apke naam.
Gud Nit
The Day has ended

Busy Hours Are Over

Its Tym To sleep

Ur Dreams R Waiting

The Nigght Waits In Silence

Go Ahead And Sleep Welll … =)