Look outside its so romantic…

Look outside its so romantic…
Look outside its so romantic…
The cloud is hugging you,
With a cold wind,
The star singing for you,
The moon dancing for you,
Because i invite them all to wish you,
Good Night, Have a lovely Dreams and Sleep Well.

Aug, 01 2013     213 chars (2 sms)     636 views       Good Night

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Night is shorter than day 4 those who Dream. Bt,d day s shorter than nit 4 those who mak their Dreams com true.

Good Niight..
I''m sending a pillow of happy thoughts to create wonderful dreams, a blanket of care to comfort you all night
& a prayer to protect until morning.

hayo rabba tussi so gaye inni jaldi ik mint ruko maino
"GOOD NIGHT" te bolan deo ji,GOOD NIGHT" hai ji o,tussi
chaho te sweet dream bhi dekh lena
World Is Full Of Willing People.....

Some Willing To Work...

And Others,

Like Me..
Willing To Let Them Work!!! (O_O)

Gud Ni8
Sweet Dreams
People Love Money but I Love U Honey, People Love red Shirt but I Love your red Heart, People Love black Ties but I Love your black Eyes,
People Love cold Air but I Love your black Hairs,
People Love sailing Ships but I Love kissing your Lips, People Love Ice Creams but I Love to see you in my Dreams

GooD NiGhT SwEeT HeArT :)
800 Kamron Ka Mehal Ho Aur Raja Ka Darbaar,
Income Ho Arbon Me Aur 10 Farari Car,
Sub Spne Mei Hi Mil Skta Hy yaar,
Is liye Jagna Hy Bekar Sote Rahiye Sarkaar..
Old concept: "Do or die "
New concept: "Do before u die "
Latest concept: "Dont die until u do "
Our concept:
"WHAT TO DO!?!?!"

Good Night
B4 i go to sleep, u know what i do?
i think of u & when its my lucky nite, i dream of u.
i dont wanna wake up bcoz whn i do, u know what?
i just start missing you...

Gud Nite.
See stars are blinking,Moon is shinning & breeze is
singing... Bcoz I ask them to greet U a special
Good Night...!!!
so jao .
bina sms kiye so jao .
sapnay mein bhoot ayenge
aur aapko yaad dilayenge
ki aapne poori shyaam mujhe yaad nahi kiya
koi baat nahi ...
wish Moon always be full & bright and U always be cool &
right.Whenever U go to switch off the light,Remember that
I m wishing U Good Night...!!!!
Ho Gyi Hai Ab Tø
Black Black

Ab Band Bhi kar
Do White White

Sweet Sweet
Sapno ki Pakarlø
Tum "FLiGHT".

Oh! My Dear
GooD GooD