De k bosa mujhe

De k bosa mujhe

De k bosa mujhe woh wasal men kehte hen....... "MEER"

Sach bta dil men tere aur b armaan hen k bsss?

Sep, 07 2013     103 chars (1 sms)     1173 views       Broken Heart

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Some Broken Heart, May Never Mend,

Some Memories May Never End,

Some Wet Tears May Never Dry,

But My Love For You Will Never Die...
Hum tanha tanha say log ~
Bahut bychain rehtay hain ~
Bahut udas hotay hain ~
kash koi baat smjhnay wala ho ~
Koi dukh uthany wala ho ~
Mgr nahi
Koi nahi smjhta ~
koi nahi apnata ~
Mgr suno tum mari bat ~
Muj say ukta jany waly ~
K hum tenha say log ~
Kisi ko dukh nahi datay ~
Kisi ka sath nahi chortay
Bus itna hota hay ~
Chahny wala 1 or dukh dy kr chla jata hy ~
Yi sochy baghair ~
Yi janay baghair ~
K hum kasy jiay gay itnay dukhon k dermian
Kabi Jazbon Kabi Khuwabon Ki Tijarat Kar K,
Dil Ne Dukh Dard Kamaye Hain Mohabbat Kar K,
Wo Jab Aayega To Mehfooz Milengay Usko,
Hum Ne Dafnaye Hain Kuch Khuwab Amanat Kar K,
1 Zara Si Bhool Hui Or Usay Kho Bethay,
Hum Ne Paaya Tha Jisay Barson Ibadat Kar K
I Suggest you to do WAR but never LOVE
bcoz in WAR either you LIVE or you DIE.
but in LOVE
neither you LIVE nor you DIE..
Ajnabee mehfil mein kisi se dil na lagana Amjad,
Suna hai bin bulaye aany waly bin bataye hi chaley jaty hain.
Maybe one day it will be ok again.
That''s all I want.
I don''t care what it takes.
I just want to be ok again
A heart breaking
isn''t always as loud
as a bomb exploding
Sometimes it can b as
quiet as a feather falling
The most painful thing is,
no one really hears it
except U.
Words From Broken Heart:

" I Said My Heart Is Urs..


I Didnt Say..






That U Have The Right To Break It..!!
I’ve learnd
I came alone and i’ve to go alone
I’ve learnd
People r with u only when they need u, not otherwise
I’ve learnd
Extra care of anyone by you will ultimately bring a blame for you, not appreciation
I’ve learnd
A simple LIE of ur close one can break you more than anything
I’ve learnd
Its very hard to weep alone when there is no shoulder to support U
I’ve learnd
Help people but not upto the point beyond ur dignity
I’ve learnd
Luv urself and love people but only if u can do it without expecting anything from them…
& I think I’ ve learnd a bit about life
You call me your ''EX''
I will always better than your NEXT
Kal raat menien apney sarey gham asmaan ko suna diye "DOST"
Aaj me khamosh hoon aur roo raha hai asmaan...!
My EyEs LiE ...

My SmIlE DeCieVeS ..

NoW nOtHiNG Is LeFt ..

JuSt PaLe AuTuMn LeAvE ...


My ...
BrOkEn HeArT tHat BlEeDs ....