Bas kar Aye dil us

Bas kar Aye dil us
Bas kar Aye dil us bewafa ko aur yaad na kar....

Bohut zulam kia hai uss nee tujhe Gayar bana kar..


Sep, 07 2013     102 chars (1 sms)     1607 views       Broken Heart

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Main ne Kaha Tu to Apna tha Tu kyun Chor gaya

WO Bewafa Hans k B0LA ZindAGi B To Apni h0ti hai
Wo kyun Chor Jati Hai..
My EyEs LiE ...

My SmIlE DeCieVeS ..

NoW nOtHiNG Is LeFt ..

JuSt PaLe AuTuMn LeAvE ...


My ...
BrOkEn HeArT tHat BlEeDs ....
Want to ask you to stay,
Want to block your way..
But just a water drop can''t do anything,
Except fall from the eyes..
Nobody In The World

Can Hav A

Crystal Clear Heart...!!


Everyone''s Heart Has

Some Scratches

Scribbled By

Their Dear Ones...
Log poochtey hen kyon surkh hen tumhari Aankhen,
Hans k keh deti hon raat so na saki,
Lakh chahon bhi magar yeh keh na sakon,
Raat ronay ki hasrat thi magar ro na saki.
Ajnabee mehfil mein kisi se dil na lagana Amjad,
Suna hai bin bulaye aany waly bin bataye hi chaley jaty hain.
There r few things
Tat must be don
B4 one says Goodbye
One''s Eyes must
4get another''s face
One''s Ears must
4get another''s voice
One''s Mind must
4get another''s name.
One''s Heart must
4get that he/she had loved
that person more than
his/her own life

She broke his heart and yelled out to him

He stood there in agony, and whispered..

"but u r my life.." :''(
I Suggest you to do WAR but never LOVE
bcoz in WAR either you LIVE or you DIE.
but in LOVE
neither you LIVE nor you DIE..
A heart breaking
isn''t always as loud
as a bomb exploding
Sometimes it can b as
quiet as a feather falling
The most painful thing is,
no one really hears it
except U.
Kabi Jazbon Kabi Khuwabon Ki Tijarat Kar K,
Dil Ne Dukh Dard Kamaye Hain Mohabbat Kar K,
Wo Jab Aayega To Mehfooz Milengay Usko,
Hum Ne Dafnaye Hain Kuch Khuwab Amanat Kar K,
1 Zara Si Bhool Hui Or Usay Kho Bethay,
Hum Ne Paaya Tha Jisay Barson Ibadat Kar K
All I know is that you love me

still my dreams...