Words From Broken Heart

Words From Broken Heart
Words From Broken Heart:

" I Said My Heart Is Urs..


I Didnt Say..






That U Have The Right To Break It..!!

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Is dil ke har dhadkan ka ehsaas ho tum.
Tum kya jaano hamare liye kitne khaas ho tum.

juda ho k tumne hame maut se bhi battar sazaa di hai,
Phir bhi is tadapte dil ne tumhe khush rehne ki duaaein di hai.

m umair gurmani s/o m aslaml gurmani of kot sultan

Its Not When I Look Back At All

The Memories & Good Tyms

We Had Makes Me Sad

Its When U Consider Those

Memories As Nothing To U

Whn They Meant

Everything To Me
Alone I Sit Here

Empty And Cold

The Light Beckons Me

It Forces Me To
Be Okay

Hidden Away My
Feelings Are

Showing No Emotions Is
How I Am

I Have To Fight
To Be Alive

I Have To Pretend
To Care

The World Crushed
My Dream

Yet It Forces Me To be

I Once Was Alive

Now I Just Survive ...
It HuRtS wHeN wE
rIsK oUr
It EnDs uP bEiNg
WhAt hUrTs MoRe iS
wHeN wE
HoLd On WhEn wE
aLrEaDy KnOw
We ArE wAiTiNg FoR
NOTHING ... =(
Wo hairaan hain mery sabr par to keh do Unhain..

Jo Aansu Daaman par nhi Girtay, Wo dil ko cheer jaty hain...
The most terrible
the feeling of
being unloved.
Every Person Around you is
Going to Hurt U at Some Point of Time..
But its upto U to Decide What is Important..

THE Pain or THE Person..!
WaFa-E-JaaN ki QaSaM TuM nHi tO KUcH bHi nHi,,,*
MEiN Ne KUcH paL TuMHeiN bHuLa K DekHa Hai...*
I Am Mad For
Her ..... !!


Why On Earth
I Ain''t Made For
Her ......... ??
Log poochtey hen kyon surkh hen tumhari Aankhen,
Hans k keh deti hon raat so na saki,
Lakh chahon bhi magar yeh keh na sakon,
Raat ronay ki hasrat thi magar ro na saki.
don''t ever regret your love...
Bcoz one day she will find that
she lost a diamond while she was busy in collecting more stones
Dard mein har koi muskra nahi sakta,

Apne dil ki baat sabko bata nahi sakta,

Roshni lene waley kya jaane,

Chiraagh jal to sakta hai par apni takleef bata nahi sakta.