Aaj Rutha Hua 1 Dost Yad Aaya

Aaj Rutha Hua 1 Dost Yad Aaya
Aaj Rutha Hua 1 Dost Yad Aaya,
Accha Guzra Hua Waqt Yad Aaya,
Jo Mere Dard Ko Sine Me Chupa
Leta Tha,
Aaj Jab Dard Hua To Wo Bhut Yad

Apr, 18 2013     139 chars (1 sms)     958 views       Broken Heart

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Dil k zakham lafzon mein kahan milte hein,

Dil chahe jis ko aise log kahan milte hein,

Bohat aasan hai Dil tor dena,

Jo dil jorr saken aise log kahan milte hein.
don''t ever regret your love...
Bcoz one day she will find that
she lost a diamond while she was busy in collecting more stones
Aya kuch is ada sy k palkain bhigo gya ''

jhonka tery khyal ka ktna
shaded tha ''
When You Have
Loved Unconditionally
One Person
Lost That Love ...
It Leaves A Wound
That Never Heals
A Sad & Broken
Heart , A Void Forever ...
Tumse mumkin ho to rok lo saansein hamari,
Dil jo dharkega to tum yaad aaogy.
Us K Hath Par Apna Naan Likha Dekha To Main Boht Khush Howa"

Wo Barey Masoom Se Lehjhey Me Bola ...............

Tere Hum Naam Aur Bi Hain
If its taking all ur strength...
if its killing your heart...
if its making you bear too much pain...
its making you ignore everything else...
make sure its worth it...


Let it go...
Log poochtey hen kyon surkh hen tumhari Aankhen,
Hans k keh deti hon raat so na saki,
Lakh chahon bhi magar yeh keh na sakon,
Raat ronay ki hasrat thi magar ro na saki.
Nice Saying:
Every Heart Has A Pain
Only D Way Of Xpression iS Diferent
Some Hide iT iN Eyes
while Some Hide iN Der Smile
Maybe one day it will be ok again.
That''s all I want.
I don''t care what it takes.
I just want to be ok again
All I know is that you love me


...in my dreams...
Kitny Ghuroor se Wo Mujhy Tanha Chor gya he ...DOST...
Use Maloom tha Mery Paas koi or nhi uske siwa...