WaFa-E-JaaN ki QaSaM

WaFa-E-JaaN ki QaSaM
WaFa-E-JaaN ki QaSaM TuM nHi tO KUcH bHi nHi,,,*
MEiN Ne KUcH paL TuMHeiN bHuLa K DekHa Hai...*

Dec, 12 2013     105 chars (1 sms)     999 views       Broken Heart

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Wo hairaan hain mery sabr par to keh do Unhain..

Jo Aansu Daaman par nhi Girtay, Wo dil ko cheer jaty hain...
duniya mein kitna gam hai
apna gam phir bhi kam hai
Alone I Sit Here

Empty And Cold

The Light Beckons Me

It Forces Me To
Be Okay

Hidden Away My
Feelings Are

Showing No Emotions Is
How I Am

I Have To Fight
To Be Alive

I Have To Pretend
To Care

The World Crushed
My Dream

Yet It Forces Me To be

I Once Was Alive

Now I Just Survive ...
Bitterly Crying Words:-

One Day you will look back

& think


That Girl really did love me..
khuda Ki Qasam Bari Mushkil Sey Milta Hey..!!

Wo Aik Dil Jo Muhabbat Nibhaney Wala Hu..!!
The most terrible
the feeling of
being unloved.
I cannot love as I have loved,
And yet I know not why;
It is the one great woe of life
To feel all feeling die.

~Philip James Bailey~
Its Not When I Look Back At All

The Memories & Good Tyms

We Had Makes Me Sad

Its When U Consider Those

Memories As Nothing To U

Whn They Meant

Everything To Me
Main Bojh Ban jaonga Apne Hi Doston Pe ek din

" %Princess M% "

dekhna woh Kaandhey Badal Rahey hongey Har 2 Qadam K Baad.
Hum tanha tanha say log ~
Bahut bychain rehtay hain ~
Bahut udas hotay hain ~
kash koi baat smjhnay wala ho ~
Koi dukh uthany wala ho ~
Mgr nahi
Koi nahi smjhta ~
koi nahi apnata ~
Mgr suno tum mari bat ~
Muj say ukta jany waly ~
K hum tenha say log ~
Kisi ko dukh nahi datay ~
Kisi ka sath nahi chortay
Bus itna hota hay ~
Chahny wala 1 or dukh dy kr chla jata hy ~
Yi sochy baghair ~
Yi janay baghair ~
K hum kasy jiay gay itnay dukhon k dermian

She broke his heart and yelled out to him

He stood there in agony, and whispered..

"but u r my life.." :''(
Khumaar-alooda nazroon ki har ek junbish hai afsaana..

Elaahi..! Hum unhain daikhen?? ke unka daikhna daikhen.. !