Do not count what u have lost.

Do not count what u have lost.
Do not count what u have lost.
Just see what u have now,
Because past never comes back
But sometimes future can give
U back ur lost things! good night.

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Gratitude is an essential component of a life that''s filled with joy
and meaning and richness. Whenever, wherever you choose gratitude, it
always makes life better.
It Is Easy In The World
To Live After The
World''s Opinion, It Is
Easy In Solitude After
Our Own,
The Great Man Is He,
Who In The Midst Of
Te Crowd Keeps With
Perfect Sweetness The
Independence Of
Solitude ... :)
If ystrday didn''t end up d way u planned,

Just remember:

God created 2day for u 2 start a new one,

D best is yet to come! Have a successful Day.
On the road of Life
Losses r just like puddles,
Even if You drop in some,
Keep moving the express
Highways await You ... (:
The worst thing in life is attachment,it hurts when u loOse it . . .

The best thing in life is lonliness because it teaches u everything and when u loOse it u get everything!!!
Success .....

Is neither magical nor mysterious . . .

Success is the natural consequence of consistently

Applying the basic fundamentals . . .
Great Motivational Pharase:

"I know I am something,
because God doesn''t create garbage."
words written on the entrance of an
American university!
Don''t spoil what you hav by desiring what you don''t have;because ,what you have now,is one of the many things you once desired for.....Be happy always
"True guidance is like a small lamp in a dark forest.
it does,nt show every think at once but gives enough light for the next step to be safe"
Write your name in kindness, love, and mercy on the hearts of thousands you come in contact with year by year, and you will never be forgotten. Your name and your good deeds will shine as the stars of heaven.
If you follow no other truth, follow the truth that within your being is called joy. If you follow that, you''re always going to be right where you need to be, and you will always have life within your being.
Todayz Thought . . .

"M e e t i n g
D e p a r t i n g
Is The Way Of Life . . .


D e p a r t i n g
M e e t i n g
Is The Hope Of Life . . .