Do not count what u have lost.

Do not count what u have lost.
Do not count what u have lost.
Just see what u have now,
Because past never comes back
But sometimes future can give
U back ur lost things! good night.

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ThaNks 2 tHosE wHo hAtEd mE,
tHey maDe mE a sTrOngeR pErson

tHX 2 tHos wHo luVd mE,
tHey maDe My hEart BigGer

tHx 2 tHos whO wOrrIed aBt mE,
tHey leT mE kNw DaT tHey aCtuaLlY CarEd

tHx 2 ThOs wHo lEft mE,
tHey sHoWed mE noT evRythnG laSts

tHx 2 thOs wHo eNtereD mY liFe,
The Secret Of

Is Not To Do As

Success Is Often
Measured By

What Others Haven;t
Done ...
Billgates gav3 5$ tip to the waiter.

Waiter: Sir, yesterdy ur son gav 50$ tip & u gave only 5$?
Billgates: He is the son of Millionaire,
i m the son of farmer.
A strong n positive attitude creates more miracles than any other thing because Life is 10% how u make it & 90% how u take it
Heart in champions has to do with the depth of your motivation and how well your mind and body react to pressure.
A Sailor Ws Stuck In An Island

Whr He Ws D Only Survivor.

He Made A Hut4his Sheltr.Day N Nite,

He Ws Prayin N Waitin4sum1 To Rescue Him

Bt No1came.He Stored Food In D Hut 4 his Survival,

Bt1day,D Hut Burned2ashes N Nothing

Ws Left Of It.He Ws So Angry,

He Said,"God,

Y Hav U Done Dis2me?!

"D Next Morning,Rescuers Came.

He Askd "Hw Did U Know Dat I Ws Hre?"

They Replied,"V Saw A Smoke Signal!"

Trust God Whn Misfortune Happens,

His Plans R Always Greater Than Ours.
For success, it''s better to be like a turtle.

Sometimes scared and staying inside your shell for protection but never stopping, always walking,

in one direction to achieve the goal.
Alexanders Beautiful Last Words:

Bury My Body,Dnt Build Any Monumnt.Kep My Hand Outsid
So D Wrld Knws,Who Won D Wrld Had Ntng In Hand Wen Died
To Be Sure Of Hitting Only The Target..
Shoot First,
And Whatever You Hit..
Call It The Target.!
Think Different
The significance of a man

is not in

what he attains


in what

he longs to attain.

~ Kahil Gibran ~
There are two ways of meeting difficulties: you alter the difficulties,
you alter yourself to meet them.
life is a game of cards , u did not invent it nor did u form the rules,u hav no control overthe cards dealt to u but u r there to play
a good player even with a badband of cards will play well and emerge a winner a bad player even with best of cards will play badly and lose.
how r u playing it?