Do not count what u have lost.

Do not count what u have lost.
Do not count what u have lost.
Just see what u have now,
Because past never comes back
But sometimes future can give
U back ur lost things! good night.

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Wives Of
King Edward & King Shahjahan
Both died of
"Polycystic Ovary Syndrome"
in the same year
Both Kings immensly
loved their Wives
But Both had a different
way of expressing it
Shahjahan spent Billions
to make "Taj Mahal" in
memory of the beloved
King Edward built the
"University For Research"
Proclaiming that no one
else should die of the disease
which had snatched his
beloved Wife

"Such differences of thinking
determines the causes of
Rise Or Fall Of Nations ... "
Life Is At Its Weakest
There''s More
Doubt Than Trust
Life Is At Its Strongest
When You Learn
How To Trust
In Spite Of
The Doubts ...
A Dog Will Not Hurt You

If You Beat It With A Bone

Use The Right Weapon

To Handle People

That''s The Secret Of Winning ...
Faith makes every thing Possible in Life
Love makes everything beautiful around
I wish and Pray both remain in your life forever
Life is a "Roller Coaster"
You can either scream everytime you hit a bump
You can throw your hands up in the air and enjoy it ... (:
Success Isn''t A Matter Of Being D Best

& Winning D Race.

Success Is A Matter

Of Handling D Worst

& Still Finishing D Race.
Always celebrate your achievement whatever you achieved,no need to compare yourself with the others,because you will never achieve anything before time and more than your destiny. . .
Play the game of life with the attitude of "PLAYING TO WIN"
and not with the attitude of "PLAYING NOT TO LOSE".

(think about it, it makes a lot of difference)
The capacity for hope
is the most significant fact of life.
It provides human beings
with a sense of destination
and the energy to get started.
Remember ... !!!

Those Who Do More Then They''re Paid
For Are Always Sought For Their Services. Their Name & Work
Outlive Them & They Always
Command The Highest Price

Chase Your Passion Not Your Pension
If u cry at a trouble, it grows double and if u laugh at a trouble, it disappears like a bubble. so always face ur problems wth a lovely bubbly smile..
Be more concerned with your character
than your reputation,
because your character is what you really are,
while your reputation
is merely what others think you are.