There are two primary

There are two primary
There are two primary choices in life

1) To accept conditions as they exist,


2) accept the responsibility for changing them

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KhaLiL JibRan Says : " Dukh iS Baat Ka Nahi K Jo Usnay Kaha Woh Tlakh Tha,
Dukh iS Baat Ka Hai Jo Tlakh Tha Woh Usnay kaha " :-<

Na Kar JAn|x . . . ;->
One Day Ur Dreams Will Come True. . . One Day Ur Presence Shall Be Precious. . . One Day You''ll Be The Happiest Person In This World And That Day May Be Today . . . .

Never Loose Hope. . . :)
Simple Yet Effective ...

A Journey Of

1000 Miles

Begins With

A Single Step ...
Log sirf yeh hee kyun kehtey hein k aankh sey aansoo nikal rahey hein,

Kya dil kabhi nahee roya?

Agar roya hai to log dil ko kyun bhool jatey hein
"Love is the answer.
Now, what is your question?"
Friends..this is what we r everyone..,respect everyone..,help everyone..and be the one to do so first!! ..but haan do not expect anything in return..u will wonder..that u will get much more than unexpected..try it once..
Those Who Appear
In Your Life
Wether To Help Or
To Harm You Are
All Given By GOD
Meet All Of Them With
A Peaceful Heart But
With A Warrior''s Spirit
You''ll Fail Many Times
In Failing You''ll Learn
And In Learning You''ll
Find Your Way.
Remember There Are
No Mistakes In Life
Only Lessons &
Lessons Will Keep
Repeating Themselves On
Until Learned ... (:

The Fear Of Death

Follows From

The Fear Of Life...
A Man Who Lives

Fully Is Prepared

To Die At Any Time...!!!
Happiness Is An Attitude ...

We Either Make Ourselves



Happy And Strong ...

The Amount Of Work
Is The Same ...
Abhi Ye Na Pooch K Manzil Kahan Hai

Abhi Tou Bas Safar Ka Irada Kia Hai

Na Hoarunga Main Hosla Zindagi Bhar

Ye Kisi Se Nahi Khud Se Wada Kia Hai
Tears Can some times Be More Special Than Smiles,


Smiles Can b Given to Every 1 ,
But tears Are Shed Only For The person V Truly Love...!
Good , Better , Best

Never Let It Rest

Till Your Good Is Better


Your Better Is Best ....
Many of our fears are tissue paper thin, and a single courageous step would carry us clear through them