There are two primary

There are two primary
There are two primary choices in life

1) To accept conditions as they exist,


2) accept the responsibility for changing them

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The Sweetest Music Is Not In The Oratorio

But In The Human Voice When

It Speaks From Its Instant Life Tones Of Tenderness, Truth Or Courage =)
Mark Willson Said
"To Be The Subject oF Jealousy iS The Sign oF Failure iN Life,
tO Be The Object oF Jealousy iS The Sign oF Success iN Life" ;->
YoUr VisIoN
WiLl bEcOmE cLeaR oNlY
yOu cAn LoOk iNtO
yOuR OwN hEaRt .
WhO lOoKs oUtsIdE,
wHo LoOkS iNsIdE
aWaKeNs ...
" Golden Words"

Kisi Mukamal Shakhs Ki Talash Mein Mohabbat Na Karo


Kisi Adhuray Ko Mukamal Karne Ke Liye Mohabat Karo
Luv The Ppl Who Luv You


They Something In U, Develop It

Luv The Ppl Who Hate U


They Hate Something In U, Change It . .
Great Motivational Pharase:

"I know I am something,
because God doesn''t create garbage."
words written on the entrance of an
American university!
Its Hard To Open Your Eyes If Your Dreams Are Sweet

But Sometimes,

I Must To Wake Up Because

It''s The Only Reasonable

Way To See Reality ..
There are some people who live in a dream world
There are some who face reality
Then there are those who turn one into the other...
Dont C Others As Doing
Better Dan Urself

Beat Ur Own Records

EVERYDAY & U Wil Surely Get Success

Success Is A Fight Between U & URSELF
There Is No Better Time Than Now.
The Time To Live Is Now.
The Time To Dream Is Now.
The Time To Imagine And Forget The Past Is Now.
The Time To Shine Is Now.
The Time To Bleed, Sweat,
And Determine Yourself For
The Things You Want Most Is Now.
To Talk With GOD
No Breathe Is Lost

To Walk With GOD
No Strength Is Lost

To Wait For GOD
No Time Is Lost


Trust In GOD
U''ll Never Be Lost
Life just happens this way,
some things goes your way,
and most of the things the other way,
but see the life with a view of an optimist,
to live the life to its fullest.