Faith makes every thing Possible in Life
Love makes everything beautiful around
I wish and Pray both remain in your life forever

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Remember ... !!!

Those Who Do More Then They''re Paid
For Are Always Sought For Their Services. Their Name & Work
Outlive Them & They Always
Command The Highest Price

Chase Your Passion Not Your Pension
To be successful, you must decide exactly what you want to accomplish;
then resolve to pay the price to get it.
There 2 ways to
establish competitive

1. Do things better
than others


2. Do things
In rain all birds occupy shelter but eagle is
da one 1 dat avoids da rain by flying above da clouds.

Problem is common to all but attitude makes da difference!
View A Negative
Experience In
Your Life
Like How You Look
At A Photo Negative.
...A Single Negative
Can Create An
Unlimited Number Of
Positive Prints ! ! !
May Your Neighbors Respect You,
Trouble Neglect You,
The Angels Protect You,
And Heaven Accept You.
Constant Kindness
Can Accomplish Much

As The Sun Makes
Ice Melt

Kindness Causes
Mistrust And Hostility
To Evaporate ...
What lies behind us and what lies before us
are tiny matters when compared to what lies
within us..!
I Wanted A Perfect Ending
No I Have Learnt The Hard Way

Some Poems Don’t Have Rhyme
Some Stories Don’t Have A Clear
Begininig, Middle Or An Ending

Life Is About, Not Knowing, Having To Change
Taking The Moment & Making The Best Of It
WithOut Knowing What’s Going To Happen Next . . .
When Thomas Edison Invented The Light Bulb,
He Tried Over 2,000 Experiments Before
He Got It To Work.

A Young Reporter Asked Him How
It Felt To Fail So Many Times. .
He Said,
" I Never Failed Once .
I Invented The Light Bulb.
It Just Happened To Be A 2,000 Step Process
''Agar Tum Apny''TAKKABUR''

ko Torna Chahtay Ho
KiSi Ghareeb Aur MufliS ko Salaam karo,
Puri Tawajoh k Sath, US Se
MuSafah KARO...
Life Is A

Whatever U Want,
U Don''t Get

Whatever U Get,
U Don''t Enjoy

Whatever U Enjoy,
Is Not Permanent

Whatever Is Permanent,
Is Boring ...! :)