Language has a great impact:
Those who speak rude, can't sell honey,
but those who speak sweet can even sell chilies

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World Is Not A Parking Place

It Is A Racing Track

Keep On Moving

No Matter When & Where You Start


Reach Your Goal & Make New Records
Xpress Urself Such That Ur Enimies Too Remember U

Laugh Such That Ur Sadness Too Laughes Wid U

Live Ur Life Such That God Too Feels Proud Of U
It is better to cry than to be angry,

because anger hurts others while

tears flow silently thru the soul and

cleanses the heart..
_ Unbeatable Lines _
Our body is fully made ov water
but whnevr it hurts,
Blood comes out
Our Heart is full ov Blood
whnver it hurts,
Water comes from our eyes
Whatever Life Gives U

Even If Its Hurts U

Just Be Strong


Act Like d Way U Alwayz Do


Strong Walls Will Shake


Never Collapsed
It Feels Good To
Stand On Ground
Watch Up High
At Your Aim
It Feels Best
When You Stand
Up High
Other Watch U As
Their Aim ...
Most Touching Msg-
We Came With D
Fear Of Nt Knowing Anybody.


We Wil Go With Tears Aftr Knowng Evrybody. & That''s Called
Just Three Steps To End Your Tensions
''''Ctrl + Alt + Del''''
Control Urself
Look For Alternate
Delete The Situation That Caused Tension
Smtims v think

why frenz keep frwarding msges 2 us

widout speaking wrds.

D reason is tat,

u hv got nthing big 2 say,

bt still want 2 say

i am alwys dere..:-):-)
Never Argue Wid A Fool B.

Cuz First Of All He Will Bring U Down To His Level


Then Will Beat U Wid His Experiences
Life Is Like

A Flowing River Full Of
Opportunities ...

Its Up To You

Wether You Stand With The
Bucket Or A Spoon ...
The Difference Between

A Successful Person And Others

Is Not A Lack Of Strength

Not A Lack Of Knowledge


Rather a Lack In Will ...