Language has a great impact:
Those who speak rude, can't sell honey,
but those who speak sweet can even sell chilies

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If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”
The Future Lies Before You. . . .
Like Paths Of Pure White Snow. . .
Be Careful How You Treat It. . .
For Every Step. . . .
Coz It Will Be Shown . . .
it’s better to enjoy life committing mistakes
and learn,
rather than
playing safe in ur entire life,
and learned
nothing at all…:j
The Tragedy Of Life

Is Not That It Ends So Soon


That We Wait So Long To Begin It ...
If A Problem Can Be


There''s No Need For


If A Problem Cannot Be


What''s The Use Of
Worrying ???

Cheers ... :)

Cannot Be Kept

By Force

It Can Only Be

Achieved By

Understanding ...
Smtims v think

why frenz keep frwarding msges 2 us

widout speaking wrds.

D reason is tat,

u hv got nthing big 2 say,

bt still want 2 say

i am alwys dere..:-):-)
Running thru Da Monsoon
Beyond Da World
Where Da Rain Wont Hurt
Fightin Da Storm
Into Da blue
n'' When I Lose Myself I Think Of You
Together we''ll be runnin Sumwhere New Thru Da Monsoon
D o n ’ t
W i s h
I t
W a s
E a s i e r,
R a t h e r
W i s h
Y o u
W e r e
B e t t e r . . . =)
If U Learn To Translate
Every Event Of Ur Life Into A Postive One.
U''ll Stop Being A Prisoner Of Ur Past
And Become The Architect Of Future
Zindagi K Bade Ghamo

Ko Chota Aur Choti

Khushiyo Ko Bada Karna Sekho...!
"The True Test Of Character Of A Person

Is Not How Much We Know How To Do,

But How We Behave

When We Don''t Know What To Do..!!"