Language has a great impact:
Those who speak rude, can't sell honey,
but those who speak sweet can even sell chilies

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The road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same.

Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination.
Those Who Appear
In Your Life
Wether To Help Or
To Harm You Are
All Given By GOD
Meet All Of Them With
A Peaceful Heart But
With A Warrior''s Spirit
You''ll Fail Many Times
In Failing You''ll Learn
And In Learning You''ll
Find Your Way.
Remember There Are
No Mistakes In Life
Only Lessons &
Lessons Will Keep
Repeating Themselves On
Until Learned ... (:
A Blind Man Begging Wid A Board Writte

“I’m Blind Plz Help Me”

1 Guy Took The Board n Wrote Sumthing

& From That
He Got Heavy Collection

He Wrote

“Today is A Beautiful Day
I Cant See It”

Dats The Power Of Expression

Expressed At Right Time Can Change Many Things . . .
Luck is not in your hand
Work is in your hand;
Luck never makes your work
Work can make your luck.
So always trust in yourself..
A Famous Poet ELIOT Said..-

Wen U Get Little,
U Want More.
Wen U Get More,
U Desire Even More.

But Wen U Lose It

U Realise


Was Enough.. z
He Who Finds Diamonds

Must Grapple In Mud And Mire


Diamonds Are Not Found

In Polished Stones.

They Are Made ...
People thinks
war is a Competition
Weapons, People,
Forces or Nation,
But its a Battle of
between Our Mothers
Thier Mothers.
The Question is,
Whose SON will come
back with
Flag in his Hands
and whose SON come
back with
FLAG Cover his Body.

I was told at my Birth that
I dont Belong to my Parents..
My Destiny, My Dreams
Belong Only
"Lets Unite in the WAR AGAINST INDIA"
To Talk With GOD
No Breathe Is Lost

To Walk With GOD
No Strength Is Lost

To Wait For GOD
No Time Is Lost


Trust In GOD
U''ll Never Be Lost
Thousands Of Aiswarya Rai Will Come & Go...

But There Was Ony One Mother Theresa Who Lives Among Us Forever....

Beauty''s Not In Skin Its In Heart
Just a thought
That you need to host.
Never fear at all
What you fear the most.

Attack fears head on.
Do not avoid, nor swerve.
For it will only restrict
What you deserve.

The risk of hurt
Is just a game of chance.
If you fear the music
You will never dance.

If failure has given you
Bitter taste and tears,
Remember, God loves your faith,
Satan loves your fears.
Imagine All The People
Living Life In Peace
You May Say ...
"I m A Dreamer"
I m Not The Only One
I Hope Someday
You''ll Join Us
World Will Be As One ... :)
Bright Be The Road U R Walking,

Light Be The Load U R Carrying,

Sweet Be The Home U R Staying,

Happy Be The Day U R Foreseeing