Language has a great impact:
Those who speak rude, can't sell honey,
but those who speak sweet can even sell chilies

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The Difference Between

A Successful Person And Others

Is Not A Lack Of Strength

Not A Lack Of Knowledge


Rather a Lack In Will ...
Success Is Blocked By Concentration On It


Planning For It

Success Is Shy ... It Won''t Come Out While You''re Watching ...

Dnt b disappointed if d
world refuses 2 help U
Remember d words by
"I m thankful 2 all those
who said NO. Its bcoz of
them I did it myself ...
I saw u sitting and crying..
so i asked u why ?
u dint answer..
i tried to hold ur hand..
but u walked away... wiping ur tears
then i realized we were sitting on my GRAVE !
I Believe That ...

Every Right Implies A
Every Opportunity An
Every Possession A
Duty ...
How To be Successful .. ??

If U Wana Be Successful
Find Someone Who Has
Achieved The Results
U Want
Copy What They Do
U''ll Achieve The Same Results ... :)
To Handle Yourself,

Use Your Head;

To Handle Others,

Use Your Heart.
If YoU

vAlUe yOuRsElF ...

YoU UnDeRsTaNd

ThAt ...

YoU aRe A gIfT tO

AnYoNe U MeEt ... =)
Once i asked my luck how my future is in ur view?
Luck replied! i''m surprised that u hv a sweet mother
& u r asking me abt luck,
go & listen ur mother''s prayer
u will judge ur self
where u will stand in future . . . (:->
Life is sacred.
Celebrate life.
Care for others
Share whatever you have with those less fortunate than you
For the whole world belong to you ...
A child on farm sees plane fly overhead
& dreamz of a far away place.
D Pilot on d plane sees d farmhouse
& dreamz of his home.
Dats life!:)
Never Hold Yourself Solely Responsible For Any Misfortune In Life Because
No Single Raindrop Is Ever Alone Responsible For Any Flood