Be Positive

Be Positive
Hate has 4 letters' but so does love,
Enemies has 7, but so does friends,
Laying has 5, but so does truth,
Hurt has 5, but so does heal,
Negative has 8, but so does positive,,,
Transform every negative energy into an aura of positivity....
It's your perception that makes the difference in the way you feel be happy and make others happy

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Think 4 It-

Nev Er

Give Up!"

Winston Churchill
Giving up doesn't always mean you are weak;
sometimes it means that you are strong enough to let go...!!!
Without Crossing The Worst Situations,

No One Can Touch The Best Corners Of Life.

So Always Taste Worst Situation

For The Best Results.
Failure Is The


To Begin Again


More Intelligently

This Time ...

'The Main Difference Betweem
Attitude And Ego Is That

Attitude Makes U Defer From Others,
While Ego Makes U Alone From Othersâ€'
There are two kinds of people,

those that do the work and
those that take the credit.

Try to be in the first group,
there is less competition there
Forget your own
happiness by trying
to create a little
happiness for the
others ...

When you are good to
You are best to
yourself ... :)
Being Happy Doesnt Mean Everything Is Perfect
It Means Dat U Have Decided To Look
Beyond All The Imperfection & It Is The
Most Beautiful Type Of Faith On ALLAH
The way I see it is you have two choices in life; you can be grateful for everything life has given you or you can be resentful for everything life has done to you. Your degree of happiness is directly proportional to the conviction of your choice

Kill me & call it
"A Mistake"

Imprison me & call it
"Security Measure"

Exile my people n masses & call it

Declare my leaders as the enemy of our country & call it
"Quilty of Treason"

Rob my rights, invade my land, declare me as

"Terrorist" & call it

But listen, still i am PAKISTANI and will remain PAKISTANI 4ever
If Someone Points Out
Your Mistake ,

Be Happy That

At least Someone Is

Interested In

''''What You Have Done ...'''' (:
There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them