Be Positive

Be Positive
Hate has 4 letters' but so does love,
Enemies has 7, but so does friends,
Laying has 5, but so does truth,
Hurt has 5, but so does heal,
Negative has 8, but so does positive,,,
Transform every negative energy into an aura of positivity....
It's your perception that makes the difference in the way you feel be happy and make others happy

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The little plans I tried to carry
Have failed
O'' Dear God.
But, I will not sorrow
I will pause a little while
And try again tomorrow.

Anushree Karnani
Before you start some work, always ask yourself three questions -
Why am I doing it,
What the results might be and
Will I be successful.
Only when you think deeply and find satisfactory answers to these questions, go ahead
Many of life''s
circumstances r
cre8ed by 3 basic
choices ..

1. The disciplines U
choose to keep
2. The ppl U choose to
be with
3. The laws U choose
to obey (:
A Mistake
Increase Ur
Decrease Ur
Mistakes ...
You Learn
From Ur
Other Will
Learn From Ur
Success ...

"SUCCESSFUL" Always ... :)
Remember ...

"G r i e f
T r a g e d y
H a t r e d

Are Only For A Time ...

G o o d n e s s
R e m e m b e r a n c e
L o v e

Have No End ..."
Without faith, hope and trust there is not promise for the future
and without a promising future, life has no direction, no meaning
and no justification.
There Are Two Eternities
That Can Really Break You Down


One Is Gone & The Other Doesn’t Exist

So Live Today . . . :->
You Don''t Become A

Better Person

Because U Are Suffering;


You Become A

Better Person

Because U Have Experienced Suffering".
In life whn u face choices,
just toss a coin,
not coz it settles d question
While d coin is in air u''ll knw wh8 ur heart really desires for.. (=
The best years of your life are the ones in which you decide your problems are your own. You don''t blame them on your mother, the ecology, or the President. You realize that you control your own destiny
"if u want to achieve something which u have never achieved,you have to do something which u have never done"
The secret of joy in
work is contained in
one word
Excellence ...
to know how to do
something well is to
enjoy it ... :)