Do what you wish

Do what you wish
You may do to me what ever you wish to me but you shall not be able to touch my truth,

You may shed my blood and burn my body but you can't kill my spirit,

You may tie my hands with chains and feet with shackles and put me in dark prison but you can't enslave my thinking,

For it is as free as the breeze in the spacious sky
(Khalil Jibran)

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Kill the stress before it kills you.

Reach the goal before it kicks you.

Help everyone before someone helps you.

Live life before life leaves you.
Widout me,I know u wud still b complete,

widout me u can still go on,

widout me u can still liv ur life,

bt since I m here,

I hope I make a difference.: -)
A Sailor Ws Stuck In An Island

Whr He Ws D Only Survivor.

He Made A Hut4his Sheltr.Day N Nite,

He Ws Prayin N Waitin4sum1 To Rescue Him

Bt No1came.He Stored Food In D Hut 4 his Survival,

Bt1day,D Hut Burned2ashes N Nothing

Ws Left Of It.He Ws So Angry,

He Said,"God,

Y Hav U Done Dis2me?!

"D Next Morning,Rescuers Came.

He Askd "Hw Did U Know Dat I Ws Hre?"

They Replied,"V Saw A Smoke Signal!"

Trust God Whn Misfortune Happens,

His Plans R Always Greater Than Ours.
The best cosmetic 4 lips is Jaap. 4 d voice is Simran. 4 d eyes is Darshan. 4 d ears is Gurbani and 4 hands is Sewa.

May U blessed by Babaji''s Grace!
BADSHAH ne apnay WAZEER ko 1 ANGOOTHI di Aur kaha k is par 1 aisa Sentence likho
jisko main agar khushi mein dekhon to ghamgeen ho jaoun. Aur agar gham mein dekhoun to khush ho jaoun.
Wazeer ne likha....


You will never possess
what you are unwilling to pursue.

(Mike Murdock)
We dont know how high we can fly,

until we give a real gud try.

Just do ur best in each little try,

May d sky have 2 shift a little high.
Gratitude is an essential component of a life that''s filled with joy
and meaning and richness. Whenever, wherever you choose gratitude, it
always makes life better.
Coin''s Always Make Sound..


The Currency Notes Are Always Silent.

So.. When Ur Value


Keep Yourself Calm N Silent..
Desire is the key to motivation. . .
but it''s determination and commitment
to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal
a commitment to excellence
that will enable you to attain the success you seek. . .
If u r PASSIONATE & HONEST ..U r bound to b kicked..
But at the same time, it dependzz..
Hw STRONG u r to tk tht knock &..
Still, MOVE ON ..!"
Worry Litle Bit Evryday
In a Lyftym U''ll Lose a
Couple Of Years
If Sumthng Is Wrong,
Fix It If U Can
Train Urself Not 2 Worry
worry Never Fixes
Anything ...