If you would cure anger,
Do not feed it.
Say to yourself:
‘I used to be angry every day;
Then every other day;
Now only every third or fourth day.
‘When you reach thirty days offer a sacrifice of
thanksgiving to the gods

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D o n ’ t
W i s h
I t
W a s
E a s i e r,
R a t h e r
W i s h
Y o u
W e r e
B e t t e r . . . =)
To succeed, you need to take that gut feeling in what you believe and act on it with all of your heart.
One Of The Greatest Discoveries A Man Makes,

One Of His Great Surprises,

Is To Find He Can Do What

He Was Afraid He Couldn''t Do.
The Most Determinative & Motivating

Sentence Which Shud Always

Be Followed In Life.


Because I Haven''t WON Yet.->
life is not a reharsal
each day is a new show
no repeat
no rewind
give ur best shot in all acts.

cuz even if u dont..the show will go on
Learn frm a candle. which burn itself 4 lightening the others way. Live in such a way that even u die but always alive in the gr8 memories of others
Wen Kids Learn 2walk,They Keep Falling;

But 2 them Its Not Failing, It''s Learning.

So There''s Nothing Called Failure.

Everything Is A Learnig
It is easy to have faith
in yours if when you
are a winner
What you''ve got to
have is faith and
discipline when you are
not yet a winner ...
life survives on change,
so instead of avoiding it,
take every change as challenge,
either it will give u success
or teach u how to successed..
"If You

Truly Believe
In Yourself

The Dreams
Will Become Reality


Failure Will Be No More ..." "If You

Truly Believe
In Yourself

The Dreams
Will Become Reality


Failure Will Be No More ..."
"Don''t let yesterday take up too much of today,becoz everything is in present..yesterday is the past that u have lived live today it won''t come again."
The only difference between where you are right now, and where you''ll be next year at this same time, are the people you meet and the books you read.