may Allah break the front teeth of those people

may Allah break the front teeth of those people

'My prayer for You:

May Allah break the front teeth of those people who plot evil against you

so that you know your enemies by their
smiles...!!! :D ;)'

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Coins always make sound....but the currency note are always silent.
so when our value increases, keep yourself calm and silent!
Life is a series of experiences,
each one of which makes us bigger,
even though it is hard to realize this.
For the world was built to develop character,
and we must learn that the setbacks
and grieves which we endure help us
in our marching onward.
Celebrate Your
Stand Strong
Adversity Hits...
For When
The Storm Clouds Come In
The Eagle Soar
While Other Birds
Take Cover ...
Most optimistic line i have ever come across.

"I know i''m the boy of her dreams,

Its just that she hasn''t started dreaming yet"
The Difference Between

A Successful Person And Others

Is Not A Lack Of Strength

Not A Lack Of Knowledge


Rather a Lack In Will ...
Some People Are Making Such Thorough Plans

For Rainy Days That They Aren''t Enjoying Today''s Sunshine.

-- William Feather
Have A Magical Affect
Before Which
Difficulties Disappear
And Obstacles Vanish.
Always think positive.. Expect less..Be happy.. stop not till goal is achieved.. Definitely all the years ahead you will spend happily !!
A signature always reveals a man''s cheracter...........................
and some times even his name....................
"The Unfortunate Thing About

This World Is That The

Good Habits

Are Much Easier To Give Up

Than The Bad Ones"
I believe for every drop of rain that falls, a flower grows,
I believe that someone in the great somewhere, hears every word,
every time I hear a new born baby cry or touch a leaf or see the sky ......
then I know WHY I BELIEVE..
Lead such a life, that, when you die, the people may mourn you, and while you are alive they long for your company.