Attitude Makes U Defer From Others

Attitude Makes U Defer From Others

'The Main Difference Betweem
Attitude And Ego Is That

Attitude Makes U Defer From Others,
While Ego Makes U Alone From Othersâ€'

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Don''t worry if your work is hard and your rewards are few.
Remember the mighty oak was once a nut like you
Laugh at ur mistakes, but learn from them. Joke over ur troubles,

but gather strength from them. Have fun with ur difficulties, but overcome them
It Feels Good To
Stand On Ground
Watch Up High
At Your Aim
It Feels Best
When You Stand
Up High
Other Watch U As
Their Aim ...
The Man

Who Views

The World

At 50

The Same

As He Did

At 20

Has Wasted

30 Years Of His Life.
As Far As U Think
"Not NOW"

Success Becomes
"Never" ...


As Soos As U Think
"Why Not Now"

Success Surely Will Becomes
"Yours" ... =)
I can close my eyes and see all I’m searching for..
I can know what lies ahead without opening the door..
Intuition guiding me I will take my time..
All my answers live within my heart and quiet mind.

PRAYER is not a spare wheel,

That you pull out when you are in trouble.

USE it as a steering WHEEL,

That keep you on RIGHT path through out the life.

" If U Want 2 Get
Destination So Work Hard
Without Caring
Hot Days Of Summer
Cold Nights Of Winter
If Time Pass Then
Dere Will Be Only
Repentance "
Keeping A Smile On Your Face

When Inside You Feel Like Dying

For The Sake Of Supporting Others


S T R E N G H T ...
It has been said that we need
just three things in life:
Something to do.
Something to look forward to.
And someone to love..."
It is not true that people stop pursuing
dreams because they grow old, they grow old
because they stop pursuing dreams.
"Being Kind
Is Much More
Than Being Right"

For Sometimes
Wh8 A Person Needs
Isn''t A Brilliant Mind
That Speaks
A Patient Heart That
Listens ... !