Attitude Makes U Defer From Others

Attitude Makes U Defer From Others

'The Main Difference Betweem
Attitude And Ego Is That

Attitude Makes U Defer From Others,
While Ego Makes U Alone From Othersâ€'

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Agr Mei Chahta Tu Dunya K
Sary Yahodiyon Ko Khatam Kr
Sakta Tha Magr Mei Ne Un Mei Se
Kuch Ko Chor Dia Ta K Ap Jan Saken
K Me Unhe Q Mar Raha Tha.

Adolf Hitler
You will never possess
what you are unwilling to pursue.

(Mike Murdock)
How Can u Have
"Charisma" ? ? ?

Be More Concerned
About Making Others
Feel Good About Themselves


You Are Making Them
Feel Good About You ...
~ Golden Rule ~

You Can Win Life
By All Means
If You Simply Avoid
Two Things

"Expectation" (:
The Easiest Way To

Change The World

" Be The Change

You Want To

See In the

World ... "
Wherever U r, Whatever Ur Circumstances May Be

Whatever Misfortune U May Have Suffered

The Musik Ov Life Has Not Gone

It''s Inside U

If U Lisyen To It, U Can Play It
We Should Be Taught Not To Wait
For Inspiration To Start A Thing . . .
Action Always Generates Inspration
Inspiration Seldom Generates Action . . .
If YoU

vAlUe yOuRsElF ...

YoU UnDeRsTaNd

ThAt ...

YoU aRe A gIfT tO

AnYoNe U MeEt ... =)
You may do to me what ever you wish to me but you shall not be able to touch my truth,

You may shed my blood and burn my body but you can't kill my spirit,

You may tie my hands with chains and feet with shackles and put me in dark prison but you can't enslave my thinking,

For it is as free as the breeze in the spacious sky
(Khalil Jibran)
There are two ways of meeting difficulties: you alter the difficulties,
you alter yourself to meet them.
An Educational
System Isn''t Worth
A Great Deal

If It Teaches
Young People
How To make A Living


Doesn''t Teach Them
How To Make A Life ...
iS nOt In ThE
mErE pOsSeSsIoN
oF mOnEy ...
It LiEs
In ThE jOy
Of AcHiEvEmEnT,
iN tHe ThRiLl
Of CrEaTiVe EfFoRt ...