To be patient in the face of hardships

To be patient in the face of hardships

'Imam Ali Raza a.s. Said:

"To be patient in the face of hardships
is a virtue but to refrain from forbidden deeds is a greater one."'

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Tears Can some times Be More Special Than Smiles,


Smiles Can b Given to Every 1 ,
But tears Are Shed Only For The person V Truly Love...!
Lead such a life, that, when you die, the people may mourn you, and while you are alive they long for your company.

Life Never Leaves U
It Always Replaces
Evrything U Lost
If It Asks U To Put
Sumthing Down,
It''s B''coz
It Wants U To
Pick Up Sumthing
Better ...
Strength of a character

- The ability to
overcome resentment
against other...

- To hide hurt


- To forgive quickly... :>)
Do Something
Which You Do Nt
Like ...

It Surely Will
Lead You To The
Path Of

Vanishing Hate ... !
The timeless in you is aware of life''s timelessness; and knows that yesterday is but today''s memory and tomorrow is today''s dream.

Khalil Jibran. . .
Life Is At Its Weakest
There''s More
Doubt Than Trust
Life Is At Its Strongest
When You Learn
How To Trust
In Spite Of
The Doubts ...
There Are No Mistakes In Life ...
Only Lessons ...


Lesson Will Keep On Repeating
Themselves Until Learned ... =)
Living in favourable

& non-favourable situations is a


but SMILING in all those situations

is called the ART-OF-LIVING!
Life in itself is an
empty canvas

It becomes
whatsoever you paint
on it

You can paint misery,
You can paint bliss,

This freedom is your
glory ...
Kill the stress before it kills you.

Reach the goal before it kicks you.

Help everyone before someone helps you.

Live life before life leaves you.
In the East, love means '' Give, Give and Give '' without wishing any favor in return.