Every King was once a crying baby
every great building was once a map.
It's not important where u r TODAY,
where you will reach TOMORROW is important.

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"If You

Truly Believe
In Yourself

The Dreams
Will Become Reality


Failure Will Be No More ..." "If You

Truly Believe
In Yourself

The Dreams
Will Become Reality


Failure Will Be No More ..."
You Get The Best Out Of Others


You Give The Best Of Yourself
When Life Turns Upside Down I Don''t Wonder
Why It Turned Instead I Work To Live On The Other Side . . .
That''s Attitude. . .
dillo ki emarato main kai bandagi nahi pather ki masjido main khoda dhondhtay hain log
"Jis Kaam ko Pura krny ki Taqat na ho Usay apny Zimay mat lo"

"Raasta puchny se Sharm Mehsus na kro, Warna Manzil kho Betho gy"

"Bila Zarurat koi Cheez na Kharido Chahy woh Kitni hi Sasti kyun na ho"

"Kisi ko Haqarat ki Nazar se na Dekho, Yeh Waqt Tum pr B aa skta hy"
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Lyf''s Ups n Down Provide Windows Of Opportunity To Determine Ur VALUES n GOALS...
Think Of Using All Obstacle As STEPPING STONES To Build The Life U Want . . .
Remeber There Are

Three "R''s"

Important In Life ...

1 - "R" espect For Self

2 - "R" espect For Others

3 - "R" esponsibility For All Your Actions ...

You''re not scared of the dark
You''re scared of what''s in it

You''re not afraid of heights
You''re afraid 0f falling

You''re not afraid of people around you
You''re just afraid of rejection

You''re not afraid to love
You''re just afraid of not being loved back
You''re not afraid to try again You''re just afraid of getting hurt for the same reason ... !
Log sirf yeh hee kyun kehtey hein k aankh sey aansoo nikal rahey hein,

Kya dil kabhi nahee roya?

Agar roya hai to log dil ko kyun bhool jatey hein
"To ENCOURAGE is nt the job of an ordinary persn..
It takezz COURAGE to stand up & guide..
Keeping ur painzz aside 4 the betterment of otherzz..!"
1 Kabar ki Takhti Par likha hua tha...

"A Rah-E-Guzar Parh le Fatiha Meray Wastay"

"Kal tu Bhi Majboor hoga Is Dua K Wastay . . . :''(
Never Compromises Ur Values & Beliefs,
Even If it Means
Risking Riddicule And Rejection

Be True To Urself
Live Ur Own Life
& Don’t Allow Others
To Decide What’s Best For U

If U Do, U’ll B Unhappy
B’coz U’re Untrue To Urself . . .