khudi pe naaz hai

khudi pe naaz hai
khudi pe naaz ha itna kbhi mur k nahin dekha jisy keh dun tu mera ha usy hona bhi parta ha

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One Of The Sad Fact
Of Life . . .

"It''s Tough When
Someone Special Begins
To Ignore You,
It''s Even Tougher To
Pretend That You Don''t
Mind . . . "
Aaj Se 60 Saal Pehle.

Eik Qoom Ko Eik Mulk Ki Talash Thi.

Allah K Karam Se.
Aj Jub Hamare Pas Mulk Ha To Hamain Eik Qoom Ki Talash Ha.
Think Abt That
Rememember that "there are 4 things that you cannot recover."
These are:

1- The stone...

...after the throw!

2- The word...

...after it’s said!

3- The occasion...

... after the loss!

4- The time...

... after it''s gone!
There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them
"Even A Small Dot Can Stop A Big Sentence...


Few More Dots Can Give A Continuity..."

Amazing But True...
Our Eyes Are Placed
In front
It Is More Important
To Look Ahead
To Look Back ...
Success Will Never Lower Its Standard To Accommodate Us
We Have To Raise Our Standard To Achieve It . . .

“For Every Bird GOD Provides Food, But Not In Their Nest”
Life Never Seem 2 Be Da Way V Want It
But V Live Da Best Way V Can
There Is No Perfect Life
But V Can Fill It Wid Perfect Moments

B Passionate . . .
Golden Words

When You Are in Light,
Everything Will Follow U.
When U Enter In Dark,
Even Ur Own shadow will Not Follow You.
Thats Life
Remember ...

"G r i e f
T r a g e d y
H a t r e d

Are Only For A Time ...

G o o d n e s s
R e m e m b e r a n c e
L o v e

Have No End ..."
Success will never lower its standard 2 accomdate us,
we have to raise our standard to achieve it.
"for every bird god provides Food, But not their Nest"
A Famous Poet ELIOT Said..-

Wen U Get Little,
U Want More.
Wen U Get More,
U Desire Even More.

But Wen U Lose It

U Realise


Was Enough.. z