A Philosopher

A Philosopher
A Philosopher has very nicely said
"Friend is like blood, though they are not seen in your skin but it comes out when you are wounded"

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be a student of duty
dont fall in beauty
beauty spoils ur duty
duty makes u beauty.........
Remeber There Are

Three "R''s"

Important In Life ...

1 - "R" espect For Self

2 - "R" espect For Others

3 - "R" esponsibility For All Your Actions ...
Success & Excuses

Don''t Walk Together ..

If You Want Excuse ..
Forget About Success

If You You Want Success ..
Don''t Give Excuses
LIFE Is The Art Of DRAWING Without Eraser.


Be Careful While Taking Any Small Decision
About Valuable Pages Of Life.
Tym Is Lyk a River
You Cant Touch The Same Water Twice
The Flow That Has Passed Never Pass Again
Widout me,I know u wud still b complete,

widout me u can still go on,

widout me u can still liv ur life,

bt since I m here,

I hope I make a difference.: -)
The runner up says, its possible but its difficult, The winner says, its difficult but its possible. Attitude matters
"To ENCOURAGE is nt the job of an ordinary persn..
It takezz COURAGE to stand up & guide..
Keeping ur painzz aside 4 the betterment of otherzz..!"
Mark Willson Said
"To Be The Subject oF Jealousy iS The Sign oF Failure iN Life,
tO Be The Object oF Jealousy iS The Sign oF Success iN Life" ;->
Challanges are like Trees seen through a running train...!

As u approach them they grow bigger,once u pass them they become smaller!!!!
If You Fail, Don''t Fill Ur Eyes With Tears.
It May Hide The Other

Beautiful Opportunities Standing In Front Of You
Do not be afraid to shine,
This world needs what you have to give.

Open up the areas of your being;
Expose them to yourself - to others.

You are valuable. You are unique.

You have much to give.
Do not be afraid to give it.