A Philosopher

A Philosopher
A Philosopher has very nicely said
"Friend is like blood, though they are not seen in your skin but it comes out when you are wounded"

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Men () you built the hydrogen bomb. Men () you thought it up.

You think you''re so creative. You don''t know what it''s like to really create something;

to create a life; to feel it growing inside
you. All you know how to create is death...
A Life Widout Challenge
Wud Be Like Going 2 School
Widout Lesson w Learn
Challengez Come
Not 2 Depress Or Get U Down
2 Master
& 2 Grow
& 2 Unfold Ur Abilities
Remember ... !!!

Those Who Do More Then They''re Paid
For Are Always Sought For Their Services. Their Name & Work
Outlive Them & They Always
Command The Highest Price

Chase Your Passion Not Your Pension
Do Not Go Where

The Path May Lead,

Go Instead Where

There Is No

Path And Leave A Trail..
HaPpInEsS iS tO c

ThE wOrLd In A gRaIn Of SaNd


HeAvEn In A wIlD fLoWeR

tO hOlD iNfInItY iN tHe PaLm Of Ur HaNd


EtErNiTy In A sInGlE hOuR ...
When Flood Comes

"Fish Eat Ants"

When Flood Goes Down

"Ants Eats Fish"

Time Matters ...

"GOD Gives Opportunity
To Everyone ..."
Every Truth Passes Through Three Stages
Before It''s Recognized
In The First It''s Ridiiculed
In The Second It''s Opposed
In The Third, It''s Regarded As Self Evident . . .

These Are The Elements Of The (F-A-I-L-U-R-E) Mechanism.

These are the enemy.
Avoiding something doesn''t always

mean that you hate it...

it could also mean that you want it,

but you just know that it isn''t right...
Nthng Else
Destroys d Power 2
Stand Alone As
D Habit Of Leaning On
If U Leann, U''ll Nvr B
Strong Or Orignal
Stand Alone Or Bury Ur
Ambition 2 B Sumbdy
In Wrld ...
The Leaves Will Wither & Die,
Life Goes On

The Branches Will Break
Life Goes On

Old Wood Is Tossed In To The Fire
Life Goes On

Seeds Sprout & New Growth Emerges
Life Goes On

Join This Caravan Or Stand By The Wayside
Life Goes On

Welcome Life Or Struggle Against It
Life Goes On
You Cannot Finish The
Book Of Life
Without Closing It''s
If You Want To Go On ...


You Have To Leave
The Past As You Turn
The Pages ...