frnd on his mobile

frnd on his mobile
Vaat Lag Gayi Waala Expression :


... ... When u call ur frnd on his mobile nd say,

"Abey kamine.. kaha mar Gaya??"

And the ans is :


"Beta, wo to bahar gaya hai..!!"

May, 29 2012     178 chars (2 sms)     631 views       Friendship

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Think About It

One Of The Gr8est
Titles, V Can Have Is
V Never Appreciate
How Important "OLD
V r Older, The Problem
Is, V Need To Start Our
Old Friendships, When
V r Young. V Then
Have To Nurture &
Grow Those
Friendships Over Our
Middle Age When A
Busy Life & Changing
Geographies Can Cause
Us To Neglect Those
Today Is The Day To
Invest In Those People
V Hope Will Call Us
Years To Come ... (:
ik chota say sapna tha
us sapne mein koi apna tha
us apne mein kuch sakoon tha
jo zindagi ka junon tha
us junoon mein ek rahat thi
jo sirf teri chahat thi
us chahat mein ek andaz tha
jo meri dhadkano ka raaz tha
us raaz mein ek khushbo thi
jo meri sooch ki justuju thi
us justuju mein ek hararat thi
jo meri khushiyoun ki sharat thi
us shahrat mein mein ek ehsaas tha
k tou jo mere pass tha
us pass mein jo ek araam tha
woh bus sirf ek tera naam tha
I dont know how to feel when your the friend that makes me wanna take my life cuz ur not a part of my today but also makes me wanna live in the HOPe that you may be a part of my tomorrow...
Dost 1 Sahil Hai Tufan K Liye
Dost 1 Ayina Hay Armano Liye
Dost 1 Mahfil Hai Anjano K Liye
Dost 1 Kwahish Hai...

Aap Jaise Dost Paane K Liye

Is Born At The Moment

When One Person Says To Another

" What !
You Too !
Thought I Was The Only One ..." (=
Aaj K Frnds "I Tell U",
Kitne Busy What To Do.

Koi Mujhe Bole "I Miss U",
Koi Mujhe Bole No Time 4u.

Kash Koi Mujhse Kahe,
Oh My Dost "I Am Just 4u".:-)
crush it,
twist it,
squeez it,
beat it to pulp;
all that u’ll get only
Fr!eNdSh!p ...

!s a StRoNg & HaBiTuAl !nCl!nAtIoN

!n tWo PeRsOnS

To PrOmOtE

ThE gOoD & HaPp!nEsS

Of OnE aNoThEr ... :)

A stranger you were once.
Then, with a gentle look you took my hand.
As our lives engaged,
you lit my life and I held both your hands.
Now that decades have passed,
ours souls have indeed become one.
How fortunate we are
that we have found the love so true
that everyone dreams about.
Wafa Ka Nam too Sub Bhartay hain iss Dunia Main Sub Lakin!!!!

Wafa Kan nam per mit kar Dikhana Kiss koo ata hay!!!!

D: Dastak Bhee Na Day
O: Or Apna Bana Lay
S: Sari Zindagi joo sath Day
T: Taaluk bila Lalach Rakhy
I: Isssi rishtay Jo Dosti Kehtay hain janab!!!!
Khuda se koi baat anjan nahi hoti!
insaan ki bndagi beimaan nahi hoti!
kabhi manga hoga humne ek pyara sa dost...
varna yuhi apki...
humse pehchan nahi hoti!!!
Friendship Is Like The Relation Between Hand And Eyes
When Hand Get Hurt Eyes Cry And
When Eyes Cry Hands Wipe Off
Its Tears.........